Story Of Girl Whose Eye Condition Was Spotted On Facebook Goes Viral

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(Memphis) The photograph we first showed you, of a little girl with a rare eye condition, has a lot of people talking.

Last week, News Channel 3 ran a story about a 3-year-old girl who was diagnosed with Coat's Disease after her mother posted a picture of her on Facebook.

Since then, the story has gone viral and could lead to other children being treated for the disease or other eye conditions.

"I posted the picture because I thought it was cute and had no idea it would change so many lives," said Tara Taylor.

In October, Tara and her husband took their daughter Rylee to an eye doctor after a couple of Facebook friend's pointed out a yellow glow in her left eye.

A retina specialist told them Rylee had already lost the central vision in that eye, but with treatment they could save her peripheral vision.

Tara says over the last several days she's heard from friends from across the country as wells as parents who had seen a similar glow in their pictures and were concerned something was wrong with their children's eyes.

"Hopefully, those children don't have anything wrong with them, but at least we are educating the public that there is a possibility, and the only way to find it is from these flash pictures," said Tara.

Tara also thinks her daughter's story has gotten so much attention because it demonstrates the power of social media, but in a positive light, "I think the fact that sometimes social media gets a bad stigma and to see that something positive can come out of social media I think that is part of it."

As a result of all the stories that have hit the web, the Taylor family has also been put in touch with organizations that can help them with some of their medical costs not covered by insurance.


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