Memphis, Shelby County Looking To Share Expenses

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(Memphis) Memphis and Shelby County are not thinking about consolidating, but they are looking at ways they can share some expenses.

The two government took the first step on Wednesday to help taxpayers pay less for law enforcement vehicles.

"Well, it's common sense," Shelby County Commissioner Heidi Shafer said.

Shafer proposed the Memphis city council and Shelby County commission start making purchases together.

"This is the first step, not to consolidating the county, but the first step in making economic sense in purchasing," Shelby County Commissioner Justin Ford said.

Ford is the chair of the financial sub-committee and taking Shafer's proposal seriously.

"We know that we can save anywhere from $1,500 to $2,000 per car if we buy it in this group setting," Ford said.

The money can go toward teaching our kids and making sure employees get the raises they deserve.

Ford believes the joint purchases are not only good for the people making them but also for police officers.

"Make sure the police - men and women - both Shelby County and Memphis, Tennessee, have the best possible equipment, the best tools to fight the crime, and the best opportunity to go home safe to their families," Ford said.

During the meeting, WREG found out the city is looking to buy about 150 new cars and the county is only looking to add about 20 of them.

Anytime we can combine funds from the city and the county to purchase any item -- we're going to save money," Memphis Councilman Myron Lowery said.

The county set aside $250,000.00 for new deputy cars. The city is planning to release its budget next week.

If the proposal to work more closely materializes, they plan to hopefully buy the cars from local dealers.


  • RGrimes

    I got an idea, more of a question. Does ever Deputy really need a Tahoe? I mean, I get that some of these guys find it hard to get in and out of their vehicles after some years of not having to requalify with a physical…

  • Bill

    Memphis is going to drop thier City Charter and force Shelby County to take them in. The dissolvment of the MCS was a test, and it worked.


    Why not consolidate??

    It will save more money and has proven to be a much more effective system. Just look around some other cities, Nashville and others. Wake up people.

  • realist

    Memphis can not give it’s charter up. It is too far in debt and that is why the memphis city employees such as fire, police and other personal are losing wages while the others in the employment get raises. Shelby County Employees have not had a raise in over 9 years no cost of living and no raise not even a 1 or 2 or 3 percent raise. The tahoe is actually cheaper then the crown victoria were and on top of that they are not making the ford crown vic anymore after this year. Trying to find maintence or parts for a vehicle would be just as good as trying to find a 69 dodge charger.

    • Nonya Bidness

      Your head is firmly planted in the sand. Quit listening to special interest groups that benefit from this.

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