Accused Holly Bobo Killer Has No Attorney

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(Decatur County, TN) The case against Holly Bobo's accused killer is on hold, because he still does not have a lawyer.

Zachary Adams is charged with especially aggravated kidnapping and first-degree murder.

Judge Creed McGinley allowed Adams him to waive his appearance, but that is the decision the judge now regrets.

Adams' absence caused plenty of problems for the proceeding.

Adams wants Nashville-based attorney Jennifer Lynn Thompson to represent him, but first he needs to actually hire and pay her.

Judge McGinley expressed frustration.

He said he wants the trial to move along quickly, but it cannot until Adams properly hires an attorney.

"The court would like to address him, because it is on him to secure counsel, not on counsel to secure him," McGinley said in court.

Tammy Ramey, a close family friend of the Bobos, was in the courtroom and said she thinks the defense is trying to buy time.

"It was a little disappointing. The defense didn't seem to be prepared, or it was a really good ploy to put it off," said Ramey.

If Adams does not end up retaining Thompson, he could end up needing a public defender.

If that is the case, they will have to search for someone outside of Decatur County, because the public defender there said he has a conflict of interest.

Nobody could tell WREG what that conflict is, but Adams does have a long criminal history in Decatur County.

Judge McGinley advised prosecutors to finish compiling their evidence against Adams quickly and wants an answer on whether Thompson will represent him by the end of the month.

The new hearing was set for April 30 at 1 p.m. Zachary Adams will be present.

Holly Bobo was last seen April 13, 2011, at her Decatur County, Tenn., home.

Adams was arrested at the end of February after his property was searched.

Investigators have not revealed what evidence they have against Adams, or if they have found a body.

Prosecutors say they will consider the death penalty in this case.


  • Jim

    this is a sad one. I have no idea but I think he may be the killer? i have no idea but he needs an attorney, the truth needs to come out. Holly Bobo did not one thing wrong and if this man committed what he is accused of then it should be all over with this human.

  • Dama

    Wow! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the racists come out at every opportunity (I was born and raised in Memphis, after all), but when there’s a story on white guy accused of killing a while girl and black racists use that as an example of white racism?!?! That’s a new one on me! Hey, Wisdom and other black racists out there … it’s 2014 – grow up and take some responsibility for yourself. Your ancestors may have suffered, but you dishonor their memories and everythng they fought so hard for by acting like such an ignorant fool!

    Hopefully they can get to bottom of this case quickly – The Bobo family has gone far too long without any closure

  • Sarcasm

    If Holly’s murderer would just buy a pair of high heel shoes and have them displayed every time he’s shown in public, he’d get Balin and the Fareses to represent him and get the sympathy of a potential jury.

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