Woman Finds Camera In Her Workplace’s Bathroom

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(Memphis) Command Center's website claims it offers "Real Jobs For Real People," but the company had a real problem on its hands when an employee told them someone was recording her in the temp agency's bathroom along Walnut Grove Road.

A woman found the camera under the sink. Police believe Darryl Hollingsworth was the man who put it there.

He is charged with photographing persons without consent.

According to the complaint, the victim questioned Hollingsworth about the being recorded after seeing a video of him on the camera.

She said he offered her $2,000 not to tell anyone.

Hollingsworth was in jail Tuesday afternoon, but WREG went by his house to see if his family would talk.

A woman in the house closed the door when she realized there was a news station outside.

"It's upsetting for that to happen to a woman at work," Emily Withers said.

Withers lives a few houses away from Hollingsworth's address.

While she does not know him, Withers is ashamed to know he is her neighbor.

"It's embarrassing," Withers explained. "You know it's upsetting that a man would have to do that you know just to get off."

"You never know what he's going to be doing besides that. He could be peeping in somebody's window or anything," Withers continued. "It's upsetting."

Command Center would only send the following statement:

"Command Center has a zero tolerance policy for any sexual harassment or other related behavior. Mr. Hollingsworth was terminated on February 19th," Brendan Simaytis, Command Center Corporate Attorney, said over the phone.

Withers called this situation a reminder to watch everyone in your community and know what's happening.

"You have to watch your surroundings," Withers said. "You never know who is staying next door to you."

Hollingsworth appeared in court Tuesday and is currently being held on $100 bond.


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