1,500 Show Up For Job Fair

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(Memphis) The Raleigh Super Job Fair had so many employers looking to hire, it had to turn some away!

Organizers counted about 1,500 people at the job fair.

Many people left with smiles on their faces.

“CVS Pharmacies,” said a church volunteer to the people in the line.

When the church volunteer spoke, people listened.

“Gibson Guitar,” he said.

He called out the companies hiring at the Raleigh Job Fair.


“What stood out to you?” asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

“Methodist and The MED,” said Myra Bagget, a Southaven resident.

Bagget is certified to work in the health care industry.

She just needs that first opportunity

“Jobs are hard to find period out here,” said Mathew Webb, a Covington job seeker.

Mathew Webb is hoping with all his tattoos and a less than stellar past, someone will give him a chance.

“How long have you been unemployed?” asked Hall.

“Probably a year and a half now,” he said.

“How often do you look for jobs?” asked Hall.

“Almost every day,” said Webb

“There are jobs out there,” said Rita Jones, who coordinated the job fair.

Jones with the Raleigh United Methodist Church told us 36 companies came out to recruit, “More employers than ever and we had a waiting list.”

Some job seekers will get follow-up interviews.

Very few will be hired on the spot but Jones says it does happen,“I talked to one lady in line and she said, 'The last one I came to I got hired that day.'”

The church holds this job fair twice a year, but doesn't keep numbers of how many people end up landing a job.

Employers Tuesday were putting stars on resumes when they believed someone deserved a follow-up.

Jones said not everybody will end up employed, but the fair does gets people out with their resumes in hand.

“And that`s what we're here for, to give the people hope,” said Jones.

While it’s been some time since Mathew’s landed a job, he knows that luck favors those who are prepared. He brought a stack of resumes with him.

If you didn’t get to make the job fair, the Raleigh United Methodist Church has a job ministry open to the public Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays at 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. 3295 Powers Road. Phone: 901-386-9320.

People will help you look for jobs and build your resume.