Is Something We Use Each Day Causing Americans To Lose Their Religion?

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(WREG-TV) The number of Americans who say they have no religious preference more than doubled from 1990 to 2010 from 8 to 18%.

The question many are asking is what caused that change?

Allen Downey, a computer scientist at the Olin College of Engineering in Massachusetts, wanted to know why.

Downey says Americans losing their faith can be attributed to several factors.

Those include a jump in the number of people going to college where they mix with those of other faiths or no faith.

It also appears the number of people raising their family in a religious atmosphere during that time dropped

The most controversial reason given by Downey is the proliferation of the internet.

The study found by 2010 25 percent of Americans surfed the internet for more than 7 hours per week.

This increase closely matches the decrease in religious affiliation.

According to the study, “What Downey has found is correlations and any statistician will tell you that correlations do not imply causation.”

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Why are Americans losing their religion?


  • Michael

    Seems to me that for generations kids’ exposure to religion was limited to the church their parents took them to. The internet opens a whole new world of information about other beliefs and non-beliefs. Information provides the power to decide for yourself. That’s a good thing.

    • JJazz

      I agree. No longer can kids be brainwashed into conformity, they have the power and the tools to do the research and make up their own minds. To the religious folk, don’t blame the internet; if people are deciding religion is not for them, maybe you should look at religion.

  • rbdozier

    Diminishment of religion does not equate to diminishment of spirituality. Indeed, religion is associated with man-made theologies, rules, regulations, forms, dogmas, and rituals–a “churchianity” which aims at, but fails to produce spirituality. Religion is an outer thing, more concerned with form and appearance than with substance and truth, and is a poor substitute for spirituality, which is the individual’s seeking, finding, and abiding in the Presence of God or Being.

  • Pscruggs

    Some churches miss the mark, not serving others with love so the hand of God can be revealed by works. Spiritualy is that place where you find Gods grace. Churches should be bringing outsiders in and building insiders up, without judgement.

  • richard holster

    maybe its because churches linked themselves to a political party. you lose a lot of credibility when you say you support life but dont speak out against needless wars. all these evangelists runnin around in rolls royces and mansions dont help either. how can a preacher justify enriching himself while theres people not eating. if you need a cadillac to preach the word you are a scam artist.

  • Sportzfanz

    I think religion is important. It can be a great support system. I don’t know how many religions believe in hel, but I’ve often wondered
    what the world would be like, if we didn’t have that fear instilled.

    • marie mcclaine

      I have one superstition. triple 6. because of.a free video poker game i play iv somewhat gotten over a teeny part but on the other hand I’ll never touch a vehicle tag with that on it nor.never live anywhere where thats the address. theres a I think just north of this house thats the house #’s. just that fear deeply instilled in me.

  • r2g

    A lot of churches are controlled by the devil aka IRS. They get permission from the IRS about their exempt status even though they are already exempt by nature. Pastors already had sovereignty before signing up with the IRS giving up that status. Once a pastor give up that status, it’s hard to get it back. May explain why some beg tithes and offerings more than once.

  • Q

    I must say that the internet is what has played the most part. The internet has allowed people who seek information to grow. As a result, some people have started to out grow religion.

  • E

    I went to church every sunday growing up and throughout my early twenties. I then entered an abusive relationship and lost all faith in there being a god. The internet has nothing to do with me not going to church. They need to do more research!

  • Hard Truths

    Spirituality is the great enemy of organized religion, which is largely a con game, played by the unscrupulous on the credulous.

    The religious abuse that so many of us have experienced by the overreaching abuses of power by theocrats — Christianists — has also opened a lot of eyes and minds.

    This society — especially here in the Mid-South — has been configured so as NOT to teach people to think, and to conceal the fact that thinking for yourself IS an option. The best option..

    That wall of pious ignorance is crumbling like the Berlin Wall..

    We’re using our eyes, our ears, our brains — and that ol’ time religion does not cut it anymore if you have an IQ above room temperature or haven’t been totally brainwashed..

  • Truth again

    I know this is kinda long paragraph, but please read it. I know i do not like long winded people’s opinion written. But ……. IF YOU READ THE BIBLE (if you believe in it), THE BIBLE TELLS YOU EXACTLY..EXACTLY WHAT IS GOING ON. People it does not take a genius to learn and know this. It has already been told to you. Something that was printed thousands of years ago, fore told you about it……duh? Run, go pass Jail, dont stop..go to Jesus. And this will stop your WORRYING about what people write and their opinions.

    • Truth again

      stop being scared of what people are talking about. Know your enemy, the battle has already been won. The Book of Revelations, lets you know exactly what is going on today.
      TRUST SOMEBODY THAT IS TELLING YOU THE TRUTH…or……………will at least keep you from worrying, suffering and causing undue stress on yourself. Fact..stress is the number one killer today, via heart, mind, body. Psalm 23 , lay it down and be happy. Have Joy!!! My name is “a child of God”. Rest in his name.

      • Truth again

        ……and another thing; people always talking about the “good ole days”. Do you realize, the good old days, did not have the internet and all of these distractions. Check yourself on what you really believe before writing an untruth. The enemy is loving your comments that turn people away for God. Try the spirit by the spirit, meaning if you write some untruths on here and spread hate….take a really good look at your life and know that you caused it.

        You should try God. Write about him, speak about him and his son Jesus. Watch your life change. Only you will know. I DARE YOU! And of course, I am not that naive to think the satan’s children are not on their jobs. Those are the ones I am speaking to. Praise God. Praise Jesus.

  • Jay Mikesell

    If you turn your back on God then he will turn his back on you. And America has done just that. That’s why this country is falling apart and dying before our eyes.

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