BBB Warns Of Vacation Scam

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(WREG-TV) Randy Hutchinson of the Memphis Better Business Bureau is warning people about a scam being used around the MidSouth.

The caller says you're the winner of the Holiday Sweepstakes.

BBB reps were told to claim their winnings of $525,000, they simply had to send $5,250 to pay for the delivery insurance from the sweepstakes location to their home.

When they asked how to send the money, they were put on hold again, but the representative never came back on the line.

BBB tips regarding sweepstakes and lotteries:

  • There is no legitimate reason for someone sending you money to ask you to send them money first. You should never have to pay any money or buy any products to receive a prize.
  • Never wire money to claim a prize. Once sent, it’s extremely hard to trace and even harder to recover.
  • Never provide prepaid card numbers or information to someone you don’t know. Scammers are turning to prepaid cards more and more these days as their chosen payment method, since they don’t have to show up anywhere to claim the funds.  Anyone with that number can drain the funds from the card electronically.
  • Never provide personal or financial information over the phone.
  • Remember that you must enter to win. If you didn’t purchase a lottery ticket or enter the sweepstakes, you probably aren’t the lucky winner.
  • The only legal lotteries in the United States are the official state-run lotteries. Foreign lotteries are illegal.