Mississippi Ban On Teen Texting Fails

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(Southaven, MS) Delicia Neal says she sees people driving and texting almost every day.

She says it puts her life, and the life of her little boy, in danger, ”Yes, I do. When they do it, they’re about to run over people and not paying attention."

Mississippi lawmakers tried to at least partially address the problem with a bill to ban texting by drivers 18 and younger.

But when it came to a printed copy of the bill, that language appeared in the title, but nowhere in the bill itself.

Nobody noticed it until the Senate had already adjourned and it was too late to do anything about it.

Police call the bill a good idea, but say it doesn’t go far enough.

”I would say, it’s a problem with everybody,” Southaven Police Lieutenant Greg Smorowski said.

In fact, in the few minutes we stopped to shoot pictures at I-55 and Goodman, we counted about a dozen people using their phones in one way or another.

Lieutenant Smorowski calls it a potentially deadly distraction, ”It takes their attention away from people that are walking down the side of the road, people riding bicycles, people stepping in the middle of the roadway. It’s a distraction."

In the time it takes to read a text, much less answer it, drivers can travel the distance of a football field.

Neal hopes lawmakers extend the ban to everyone when they meet again next year.

”I think it should be for everybody really, not just 18 years old," she said, because she wants a little more assurance she and her son can get where they’re going safely.


  • JJazz

    Probably the law makers text so much while they drive, they couldn’t figure out a way to exempt them selves from the law so it didn’t get passed. No matter, if you’re 16, 22, 39, or 68 if you get in a wreck because you were texting then you’ll be found at fault by insurance on both sides. This also applies to you, cops. Oh whoops-a-daisy, I rear ended someone because I had one hand on the police radio and another on my phone, yeah well you can get the same sentence as us normal people.

  • Terrie

    EVERYONE on the Senate should be ashamed of themselves!! Seriously ? Did you not reaad it?. Apparently you did not. If one of those idiots hits ME while texting OR talking, after i take thier house Im coming after the people on the Senates houses, just for being stupid!!

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