Is Bill Haslam Still The Teflon Governor?

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(WREG-TV) We've talked before about Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam's popularity.

But this week, he's taking heat for offering 300 million taxpayer dollars to keep the United Auto Workers Union from forming at the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga.

He also had to tell teachers they won't be getting a raise in next year's budget.

Does any of this threaten his Teflon coating?


  • John Snow

    First, I do not call him a Teflon governor, he has been a good leader and has responded to the needs of the state. As to the Union, I think the workers have already voted it out. I thought teachers were paid by the school district and not the state.

  • Observant citizen

    This guy is pure scum. Brought in his crony bill gibbons and immediately gave him a 32 % pay raise paying him 188,000 a year but now revokes a pathetic 2 % cost of living increase for teachers. As a matter of fact he has brought in several of his boys at 130,000 plus salaries. Sounds like he really cares about education. I’m a republican but always supported and even voted for gov bredeson. He did a great job and never took a salary in his eight year reign. Oil billionaire haslam hates unions because he loves to screw the little guy like he did the employees at his pilot oil empire.

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