Some Surprising Primary Election Challenges

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(WREG-TV) And they're off!

From U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander getting a Republican opponent with deep pockets, to Congressman Steve Cohen finding a challenger from a close ally of former Mayor Willie Herenton, to a city councilman deciding to take a shot at beating State Senator Ophelia Ford.

There have been lots of interesting developments for the primary election in August.

We ask the Informed Sources what they make of these incumbent challengers.


  • Thomas H. Evans

    Seems the panel of three are leaning for Lee Harris versus Orphelia Ford, not because he is the best candidate (for sure), but because anyone, including myself who would run against her would most probably be a front runner. Lee Harris has done little after becoming a City Councilman to show that he is in there to move the city forward. He has done pretty much what candidates before him has done, candidates such as Wanda Halbert who went from the MCS school board to the city council and has done what? Even though I may not believe Ms. Ford is the best candidate to represent us in Nashville, I truly don’t see Mr. Harris having any more influence even though he would come without all the drama most probably. Being a Law Professor at the U of M doesn’t convince me that he is qualified for Nashville at this time.

  • Wendy Foster

    I wished I could run for office! As once when young had a goal to be a attorney. Challenges I was forced to face, and the descions that I made while facing them were poorly made. I take responsibility for everything I have done and every one i have hurt behind it i apologize for it. I was young and I beleived i knew it all when later down the road it only gave me a jacket to stalk me for the rest of my life. I am very optimistic now that has changed my life. Everything matters to me. I have my opinions and in most cases I have either been the one experiencing or have actually seen it occur.I just dont believe that anyone that can not show support for what matters to them, what they are passionate about, or have been subjected to.- that they in fact should not be in office. I believe those in whom we in past have elected to be leaders in our city state or country that did not show extensive positive changes to the world- should not be re elected for any office. Its a game of United we all stand Or Divided we all fall. I believe we should be endowed with morals and ethics, of what is now coming forth today and tommorow. Being public figures in our community, city, state governments should be out of love for all no matter what the color of or skin, religion life ,sexual prefrences, or NATIONALITY God Created each and everyone of us. Of course everyone makes mistakes and no one is perfect. Only God is That, perfect. I dont see what the blunder is about elections of officials. I only want the one who is going to do what they say they are going to do to do it and if not shut up and sit down and leave us as America alone. Cause you the non-concerned leaders of today are holding our future in your hands. I just want to be happy live my life to its fullest and without having to worry about the problems we face tommorow,because some elected officials have no,regard to humanity. they c wht they can get out of it no thinking of the consequences it will have later down the road, and or but not be limited to the consequences they as one could face as well. You never know what people face or have endoured and suffered due to our so called leaders who think that what they are doing is correct. When it comes down to morals.and ethics we are all going to be here together why cant we come up with reasonable soulutions to overcome and then stratigizeamoungst each other a deviated plan of how to overcom this thank you wendy m foster

  • Chris Williams

    Wendy Foster, do you feel better now that you’ve gotten that off of your chest??? Geez…

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