Renovated National Civil Rights Museum Now Open

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(Memphis) It's taken several months; millions of dollars and a lot of plans, but the National Civil Rights Museum is now open to the public after a major renovation.

Saturday, hundreds gathered to celebrate not only the museum's past, but also its impact on the future.

The crowd was big. But the message that brought them to the National Civil Rights Museum Saturday was even bigger.

“Freedom,” exclaimed Asja Coleman.

“What does freedom mean?” asked WREG’s Elise Preston.

“We can go places, without anybody telling us to leave. We can ride on the front of the bus now,” replied Coleman.

9-year-old, Asja Coleman never marched on Washington, or sat at a lunch a counter. But her presence in the crowd where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. lost his life is important.

“What this is about is not the exhilaration but the rededication to strength to resilience and to stick to it that we have to carry on in our struggle,” said National Civil Rights Museum founder and civil rights attorney D`Army Bailey. Bailey says the civil rights movement has come a long way, but there`s still more work to do.

“We need to roll up our shirts and tackle the real issues and chains; poverty, crime, the lack of quality education for our children,” said Bailey.

Saturday`s grand re-opening to the National Civil Rights Museum didn`t just celebrate the movement, martyrs and museum.

It`s also celebrating the idea that together, the community can crush things that keep us from being free.


  • smith

    Enough already about the Civil(contract) rights Museum, Get on with the news, like what going on at city government.

    • Jason

      Lack of quality education for Blacks Mr. Bailey? When children are sent to school and NO one has read to them or helped them with grammar skills, what do you expect? Dad’s out of the picture. Mom dropped out of school at 15 when she got pregnant.

      Lack of quality education or the REAL problem, lack of parenting. I bet Mr. Bailey had parents that pushed him to do well in school and held him accountable. I have taught school in Shelby County and some of these kids just don’t care to learn.

  • David Carter

    The civil rights movement did nothing but give Blacks the illusion of inclusion. There is nothing in the civil right museum which depict Blacks as the true Israelites. A true Israelite does not believe in the new testament and it’s Jesus.The old testament is Blacks most real and important history.

  • Jason

    Do the millions of dollars spent renovating the museum help address the rampant problem of blacks murdering other blacks by the thousands in the urban settings of cities like Memphis, Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago and Oakland?

  • Chris Williams

    White people brought blacks to this country in the 1600’s but now act as if blacks are the ones holding the country back. Should have left them alone in africa and you wouldn’t be having this problem. But, as usual, white greed is the culprit…

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