Confirmed Tornado Damage In St. Louis

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(St. Louis, MO) Storm damage, power outages and a gas leak are the result of storm and EF-1 tornado touching down in University City according to KTVI-TV.

The tornado, which has been confirmed by the National Weather Service, hit around 5:45 a.m.

That’s where the majority of the damage is.

McKnight Road is completely blocked near Spoon.

Tree cutting services are on the scene to help removed a large tree that was uprooted during the storm.

The National Weather Service issued tornado warnings and severe thunderstorm warnings as the storm moved across the area.

Many viewers reported hearing sirens and in the University City area, residents say it sounded like a “fret train” going through.

Complete coverage from KTVI-TV HERE

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  • MikeBarret

    Just a lonely soul from Memphis
    Nowhere for me to go
    Jumped on that fret train,
    Box cars and miles were all I saw
    Days of pouring rain,
    Until I found that six string
    Sitting in the railroad yard, nothing to win or lose.
    And I rode the fret train

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