People Concerned Downtown Building Could Come Crumbling Down

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(Memphis) Some downtown residents are asking for help with an old building they fear is a threat to public safety.

The building, which is right across the street from the fire department headquarters on Front, is falling apart.

Neighbors are scared the building may come crashing down soon, leaving some people hurt.

Deep cracks are everywhere and the bricks and mortar are warped.

The three-story building between Front and Central is in such bad shape, it is leaning, not standing straight.

“It's a time bomb. We don't know if it's going to fall, but we know just by looking at it, it's going to do it sometime very soon,” said neighbor Brooks Lacy.

The Memphis Fire Marshall posted a sign on the front of the old Prince Mongo club warning everyone to stay out because inside it's just too dangerous.

Neighbors fear the building is a threat even without anyone going inside.

For starters, the old club stands in an alley many cut through to get to popular downtown spots.

“It's going to fall. You're worried about people who walk back here as well as the homeless people who may live back here. It could collapse on them,” said Lacy.

Keoni Baldwin lives in a condo next door, his building is attached to the crumbling one.

Baldwin fears the problems will force him to move out, “This building is going to collapse and going to effect the building next to it. They are all going to be condemned."

For now,City of Memphis public works crews put road blocks in the alley.

Lacy says the barricades only stop drivers, not people walking through.

Lacy says something else must be done to keep families safe, “Something more than just putting plastic tape up."


    • I'm a realist

      I’m fairly certain that WREG does not have editors, or, if they do, they are terrible at their jobs. I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t catch numerous spelling, grammatical, punctuation, etc., errors in their stories online. I have considered notifying them every time I spotted one & then applying for an editorial position!

      • John

        In defense of WREG this time, they were quoting someone. When a quote is used they have to use the wording of the person who spoke.

      • I'm a realist

        Well, I would imagine that the person being quoted spoke the quotation; thus, it falls on the journalist to write the correct form of the word as the person used it correctly. If, by chance, the quote was submitted wrongly via text from the man being quoted then the journalist could (should) correct it; they can make it a known correction with “[a]ffect” or just make the correction regardless.

  • A Cranford

    Someone needs to check the encoding for this story, I can read it fine online, but not on a mobile device. Perhaps the webmaster can check these stories on their phone o be sure they are being seen correctly…

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