Outside Judge Appointed To Joe Brown Case

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(Memphis) A Friday hearing in the contempt of court charge against Joe Brown has been cancelled.

All the judges in Shelby County Criminal Court, where Brown was once a judge, have recused themselves.

Chief Justice of the Tennessee Supreme Court was asked to assign a judge to hear the case.

Senior Judge Paul Summers has been named to oversee the case.

Summers served as Attorney General for the State of Tennessee and was a judge on the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals.

Brown was found in contempt March 24 when he showed up to Juvenile Court and agreed to represent someone pro bono in a child support case.

Juvenile Court Magistrate Harold Horne denied Brown’s request for the case to be dismissed.

Horne said Brown lost control and became verbally abusive saying in part, “On what authority do you sit by the way? As a former judge here, we have a rule in the 30th judicial district that says every single magistrate, referee has to be unanimously approved by every circuit, chancery, and criminal court judge. I don’t recall that your name’s ever been submitted sir!”

Horne warned Brown to calm down, but he did not.

Brown was given 24 hours in jail for contempt of court, but that increased to five days when he continued to yell as he was being removed from the courtroom saying, “This is a circus sir. That’s three days. You can do all you want! Four days. You don’t have the jurisdiction. Five days.”

Brown was released from jail after a few hours.

Brown’s television show was cancelled last year and he is now running for Shelby County District Attorney against Amy Weirich.


  • truthseeker1953

    What is really sad is that the likes of him come to be “judges”. He’s a prime example of how dysfunctional our judiciary is. I think of Fred Sanford whenever I see him.

  • The Real Original "Mom"

    You “think”? I’m amazed. Seems many a non-thinker comment here (ones who before mentioned how he was never a “real” judge anyway). Haters make up your minds and know what your talking about before you comment. Did you read the attachment? To me, and many many others, what he is is a prime example of how to get things done in a dysfunctional system. And I thank you Joe Brown.

    • Terrie

      haha! You havent seen his lastes mug shot on utube then. Sh __ faced & on camera hanging onto 2 young girls and cursing like a drunken sailior. He’s a has been.! He’ll never be a judge again!

  • Pancho

    Because he was telling the truth…..plain and simple. They don’t want to touch it because they know that he did not have the authority to find him in contempt because he was not an approved magistrate….

    • MikeBarret

      Now see all kind of maroons have questioned Obama’s birth certificate. Stupid petty people every last one of them trying to find some reason to fit their low-brain-function mind set. Now you’re questioning Harold Horne because Joe Brown questioned him, and you look just as idiotic as all those dumbos saying Obama isn’t an American.

      • The Real Original "Mom"

        NO, Mikie, we question Harold Horne and the whole Juvenile Court System because some of us have witnessed years of the same type of bs. A person can remain calm in court over and over and over and over and over and over again (years, in fact)….and at some point, MANY are left NO OPTION but to BLOW UP, i.e. end up being held “in contempt”. We have no say. We have no right to speak up. When we do, bam! Contempt. Joe knows what’s going on down there, do you? Seriously, do you?

  • wendy

    First, Let’s get real here people. Why is it that people don’t understand to reach the people, you have to be the people. Law degrees and any other degree does not make you any better than the next human being. What you do is you! I express myself the same way I understand His ethics and He’s Fair to my experiences. If you do the crime sure pay your time. Its clearly a mochary to see 2 judicial officers go to the extreme of using authority when clearly seen it Is only a dissagreement. And that other judge had no right to empose any Judgment on Brown before it was reviewed upon time by supreme court officials. Unless threats to the government or its officials or threats of vilolence was involved. You dont have to have a law degree to tell me how to read, write, and- but, not be limited to be in accordance to law of ethics and morals. Lets keep it Real here Judge Brown strickly used his emoctions of knowing he was able to handle that case and he felt that the judge horne was not within judicial clarefications as to what is or was supposed to be done but I feel judge horne was wrong and for reasons unknown allowed his anger to cloud his judgement. See this is what I mean we have politicians and pople who are emplyed by our state and government agencies who have not been trained properly or have not been brought up to date on new polocies and plans that lack of knowledge is on the employee and that shouldnt be but it should be the responsibility of the agency programm to be recertified every 6 MONTHS our daily lives change daily to keep up with news laws mandated on every subject should bring a list of new training every six months. Thats my opinion wendy foster zuniga

    • The Real Original "Mom"

      How much has it cost our children over the years; the dysfunctional Juvenile Court System?

  • Don

    Brown’s television show was cancelled last year because Brown was a certified Idiot and people were tired of stupid antics He acted like a clown in a robe instead of a polka dot suit. There just ain’t no cure for Stupid. Sorry Joe.

  • hank wesson

    We that know Judge Brown or know of him should not be so quick to Judge we are all human I don’t care where you live whether It’s the so called suburbs or the so called hood we all are going to behave badly when challenged

  • William Lyons

    Brilliant and free publicity stunt. I heard that he’s running for some office. So he defends a victim pro-bono, causes a fracus and walla. Face and name recognition is important to politicians.

    • The Real Original "Mom"

      Recognition and attention being called to a failed system is important to the children that need it to be fixed. If Joe Brown calls attention to his “running for office” at the same time he gets this place noticed, GOOD FOR HIM! It is long overdue some attention.

  • BlendaDrank

    Who cares!?!!! He acted like such a juice weasel on HLN with Vinnie Politan that all and any respect I had for him went out the window.

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