Memphis Residents Pitch In To Prevent Flooding

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(Memphis) Charles Williams finally got around to getting all those packed leaves out of his yard Thursday night.

Williams and others in his South Memphis neighborhood are worried all the leaves could cause a huge headache as a threat of severe weather brews.

“It stops up and backs up water in everyone's yard,” said Williams.

Culverts and drainage ditches around the neighborhood are packed tight with leaves that have fallen and sat for months, add some litter and some areas that are known to flood, and these residents say it's the perfect recipe for a flood.

These people know the damage flood water can do and how an ounce of prevention goes a long way. So in these final hours before the storm, they got to work.

It's not just South Memphis. All over town you'll find drains clogged with leaves, dirt and trash that's made it hard for the city to keep up.

Dwan Gilliom, Public Works Director for the City of Memphis, insisted the city was on the job too.

“City crews are out there each day doing their best to keep the drainage ditches clear,” said Gilliom.

He still welcomes the helping hands ahead of the storm.

If a drain in your area is causing flooding, call 901-636-2525.

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