Crittenden County Braces For More Storm Damage

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(Crittenden County, AR) Crittenden County is just starting to recover from damage left by two ice storms, but now they could get hammered by Mother Nature once again.

Crews from Crittenden County and Marian have been working overtime to haul away more than 26,000 thousand cubic yards of debris.

They are about halfway done with the cleanup.

Crittenden County has been buried under storm debris, and as a result, buried under financial obligations. They have exhausted every resource and stretched every available county dollar.

Crittenden County Judge Woody Wheeless said, "I went to the Quorom Court and asked them for an additional $14,000 for overtime pay."

The county has been hauling away massive amounts of fallen tree limbs.

With yet another storm moving into the area, crews fear all of that hard work may go out the window.

Crittenden County Road Department worker Gary Hartley said handling the 600 truckloads they have hauled so far is hard enough.

Plus, it's not the weather making that job even harder.

"I think some people are taking advantage of it," Hartley said of the free cleanup residents are receiving. "When we first started getting them they were broke, broke limbs. Now, you see a lot of cut limbs."

Wheeless says he takes the threat of bad weather seriously, but he is confident the county will weather the storm by whatever means necessary.

"We're going to continue what we're doing, and worst-case case scenario, I can go back to the Quorom Court and ask for additional appropriations."

Some other areas like Mississippi County were not hit as hard and had minimal damage after the ice storms.

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