911 Calls From Shooting At Milllington Navy Base Released

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(Millington) On the day when federal investigators were rushing on to Fort Hood, Texas, for a mass shooting on the army base, a federal grand jury here in Memphis tacked on eight more counts against soldier Amos Patton.

In October, Patton pulled out a 9mm and shot his fellow soldiers during a disciplinary hearing at the base in Millington.

The four soldiers shot at survived that shooting.

Still, new charges of Assault With Intent to Commit Murder within A Special Maritime Jurisdiction were added in the case Wednesday.

US Attorney's say Amos Patton tried to kill four of his superior officers.

Patton was having a disciplinary hearing after a female soldier made a claim of sexual assault against him.

After retrieving a briefcase from his car, he reached in it and pulled out the gun and started shooting.

WREG obtained the 911 recordings that show how soldiers on the Millington base that day handled the shooting.

There were a total of five calls to dispatchers at the Millington police department the day of the shooting.

One of those who made a call was one of those being shot at - Lt. Hunter Belcher escaped to call 911.

Belcher: Hello, ma`am we have an active shooter at the national guard armory in Millington.

Dispatcher: Okay, where`s he at? Do you know?

Belcher: He was shooting at us. I ran outside.

Dispatcher: Okay so he is inside?

Belcher: Yea, I guess he is. He is inside the armory at this time.

Dispatcher: Do you know what he looks like? Is he a male black?

Belcher: (talking to fellow soldiers) They got him down? Good.

You can tell from the conversation the dispatcher had no idea who was behind the shooting.

Dispatcher: Do you know what he was wearing?

Belcher: He's in the uniform. He's a soldier.

Belcher's breathing is heavy but he remains calm while talking to the operator and having side bar conversations with his soldiers.

You can tell from his questions to fellow soldiers he's trying to keep tabs on what's happening inside.

Belcher: Is he disarmed? Where are you hit, man? Where are you hit? In the foot? (sigh) OK so you got one shot? Yea. He's shot in the foot. I'm leaving the boot on.

Dispatcher: Okay. Be advised that you have a Sgt on the phone that states he possibly may be down and may have his weapon. Unknown at this time all units.

Luckily, none of the injuries of the soldiers shot that day were life-threatening.

However, it could have ended much worse had those under attack not found a way to get Patton under control.

Patton is scheduled to go on trial in May.


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