Murdered Teen’s Mother Says Other Son Receiving Death Threats

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(Tunica, MS) A Tunica mother who witnessed her son's brutal murder is terrified her other son is next.

Seventeen-year-old Donterrius Jackson was shot and killed last month, reportedly by his classmate.

"He was looking forward to graduation," said Cassandra Odie.

Odie said it's been hard to heal.

Jackson was like family to her, and his murder destroyed her.

Now, Odie is afraid for Jackson's little brother and 1-year-old daughter.

"A continuation of threats. They haven't even given the mother a chance to grieve properly," said Odie.

Seventeen-year-old Cortez Bass was charged with Jackson's murder and cyberstalking him last month.

Jackson's mother, Linda, said Bass posted death threats on her son's Facebook page since September.

She told deputies, but said nothing was done until it was too late.

Deputies said she reported it two times, and they arrested Bass for cyberstalking.

He spent time in the juvenile center.

Now, Linda Jackson said Bass's family members are posting threats on her younger son's Facebook, and they waved guns outside her home.

She said she let deputies know, but said she's afraid history will repeat itself.

"She feels threatened right now for her life and for her children's life. That's why she's not here right now. She's threatened for her life," said Odie.

Deputies said since the new threats were reportedly made, Jackson's family has been to their office to tell them what happened, but they never filed an official report.

"It's not a matter that we don't care or we are unconcerned. Something like this affects the community as a whole. It's going to take all of us to get this problem solved," said Commander Cedric Davis.

"There's no justification. No excuse to why they are not doing their job," said Odie.

Friends and family said they just want time to grieve for the 17-year-old they loved so much.

Bass is being held on a $1 million bond for murder. No bond has been set for his cyberbullying charge.

His family told WREG Bass couldn't have made online threats, because he doesn't have access to the internet.

Jackson's family said their son's memorial was vandalized Tuesday night, and they are going to file an official report Wednesday.

They also said they are meeting with the Attorney General later this month.


  • billrow

    Her “honor student” son had no dealings with these thugs and criminals whatsoever…… Said no one ever.

  • Bb

    Time we enacted new laws in this country and start to hold people accountable for their actions.
    1st offense: Family Loses PA for 6 months
    2nd Offense: Family Loses PA for 1.5 years
    3rd Offense: Family Loses time ban. Period.

    **If the crimes was of a violent nature they jump to number 3.

    **This goes for anyone in the “family”- meaning if little Johnny is out gang banging or whatever and committing crimes then the Family loses the PA. Maybe then they will start to hold their kids accountable and act like real parents.

    **Family: Does not mean they have to be married since many of folks these days don’t get married but shack up together and pump out kids. So if your ‘old man/old lady’ is a criminal- you lose the PA. You chose them and the life style so you get to suffer the consequences of your actions.

    **Also- after 2 kids you get No More PA. If you could not afford the first 2 then you will not be rewarded for having more. Major problem in Detroit.

    Commit a crime and lose the public dime.

    • NCOWife2

      In theory, I like this idea, BUT there are issues…here’s two:

      (1) You are assuming that this family receives public assistance because…

      [Not every person that live in certain areas, are of specific racial identities, are the victims of horrendous crimes, or those that commit crimes are recipients of public assistance. I know a lot of people that fit many of these categories, but I only know three people who receive any type of public services.]

      (2) The state will never go for anything remotely close to this idea. I contacted the Governor’s office on this matter twice. At the time, my brother was employed by an area grocer and he toId me that many elderly people buy tons of either cat food, baby food, or potted meat each month because many of them did not receive enough income to survive on. I was shocked that so many of them would share this degrading information with him. The notion of it all made this nonchalant, manly guy very tearful and it made me sick, so I reached out to the governor’s office for help.

      When I was told that there was no money, I told them that TN has one of the nation’s largest benefit scale and that public assistance for the young could be reduced. I was then told by the Governor’s office that while they appreciate my concern, their priority lies with ensuring that kids are taken care of. AND that would be fine, if so many of the recipients were using benefits as intended.

      Overall, I think area residents make a lot of assumptions about the type of people who receive aid and frequently try to make a correlation to Detroit or Chicago. No matter how it is prefaced, EVERYONE is aware that these two examples are used as a slight to imply that Africa Americans are somehow responsible for the economic downfall and moral decay of two major cities. I lived in one of these areas for years, have many family members in both cities, and have conducted extensive research on the other AND I KNOW that there were far more factors involved in each of these examples than most people are willing to admit.

  • misjudgment

    This lady is so stupid she must not have children or never made a mistake in her life… the one thing i hate is when a person judge u for wat ur kids do or what ur spuose/partner do… remember we all get judged by the same God in the same order but for different reason(our actions) so before u judge the Mother that lost a child try praying for her strength… and before u say sum about my grammer just relize i am text typing not perfect grammar typing…

  • teahadist's suck

    Yea punishing a whole family for one persons actions makes alot of sense… if you are a knuckle draggin’ mouth breathin tea bagger.

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