Shelby County And Memphis Politicians Pull April Fools’ Day Pranks

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(Shelby County, TN) A couple of politicians representing Memphis and Shelby County couldn't let April Fools Day pass without playing some pranks.

They hit up social media, sending out fake career plans and took jabs at their opponents.

"A lot of people on Facebook thought it was funny," said Steve Mulroy, Shelby County commissioner and Shelby County mayoral candidate.

His April Fools' Day spoof started on Facebook.

As a loud Kellogg's critic, Mulroy said he's dropping out of the race to take a public relations job with the cooperation and would turn historic buildings into strip malls.

"It's basically just having fun! Everyone got a kick out of it, and that's the important thing," said Mulroy.

Memphis City Councilman Lee Harris also punked his followers on Twitter, saying he's getting out of politics this year to work with the city attorney, Alan Wade Law Office, a firm he's criticized in the past over litigation involving a lawsuit with Shelby County Schools.

"I tweeted something to suggest, in a joking way, I'm against the direction we're going in regards to schools and litigation. It's just a joke," said Harris.

Minutes after their posts, they wrote the two words you despise the most on this day: April Fools'.

Critics said they didn't think their jokes were funny because of the topic.

"That's a serious issue, isn't it," said Memphis resident James Watson. "It's a serious issue. They shouldn't joke with politics or money."

Others liked the pranks, saying, "If it gets a laugh, that's even better!"

"We all have jobs to do, but if we can't have fun doing them, then what's the point?" said Mulroy.

In 2010, Mulroy pulled another April Fools' prank. He put it on county letterhead saying he cut a deal to build a shopping center inside Shelby Farms.


  • marie mcclaine

    since i dont have facebook.or twitter will.have to tell u here i like all 3 jokes! my fav?? the old(last) one about having a shopping centet built at shelby farms. for the ones eho dont like the jokes get a life. get a sense of humor

  • 1midtownmike

    Mulroy needs to grow the “eff” up.

    There’s enough tomfoolery and monkey business in government the other 364 days of the year.

    The tax base is leaving and this didn’t help one gosh darned bit.

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