Daughter Angry After Memorials Taken From Mother’s Grave

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(Lafayette County, MS)  Someone is stealing from a grave at cemetery near Oxford, Miss.

A woman noticed several expensive statues and other memorials disappearing recently from her mother's grave at Springdale Cemetery in Lafayette County.

Now, with every visit to the cemetery, she's wondering what will be missing next.

"My mother was a very loving, very caring person."

It's an emotional time for Kathy Holliman during her weekly trips to the Springdale Cemetery.

It's where her mother, Martha Ann Winters, is buried.

Martha died in March 2013 after a long illness.

"She loved angels, she loved birds, she loved butterflies," said Holliman.

She and other family members have adorned her mother's grave with some of those same things she loved in life.

But recently, some of them have disappeared.

"We had a wreath on there loaded with butterflies. And the butterflies came up missing off of it," said Holliman.

Holliman says in the past week, someone took a specially made memorial off her mother's headstone.

"There was a bright orange hummingbird with the wings done in stained glass that was right back here," said Holliman.

Several angels have been taken, including one valued at more than a hundred dollars.

"That came from Bradford Exchange. She was gorgeous. It was a little girl praying," said Holliman.

Holliman said contacted the man who maintains the cemetery property and was told he would put up a camera to try to get a photo of who's responsible for the thefts.

"Because, like I said, it's not the first time it's happened. And so far nothing's been done," said Holliman.

In spite of the thefts, Holliman said what's most important is that her mother rest in peace.

"It's hard enough to come and then for someone to take the stuff off of her grave was even worse, " said Holliman.

We tried contacting someone with Springdale Cemetery for a comment on the thefts, but were unsuccessful.

We're told a report was filed with the Lafayette County Sheriff's Department, but none of the investigators were available Tuesday.