Dad Tells Son To Stop Selling Drugs At His House, Calls Police

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(Memphis) Some tough love for a Memphis man who was arrested Thursday after his father called police and told them he was selling drugs out of his house.

Police said they found drugs, drug paraphernalia and weapons inside Anthony Moreno's bedroom in the 4000 block of Violet in the Berclair area.

In all, officers confiscated more than 59 grams or 1.3 pounds of marijuana, hash, pills, a shotgun, assault rifle and more than eight thousand dollars in cash.

They said a portion of the marijuana was packaged up and ready to go.

"I've been telling him for years, two or three, to quit selling," said Moreno.

Tuesday, Carlos Moreno was still agonizing over his decision to call the police, but said he had no other choice.

"I was risking my house and I don't want to lose my house over drugs," said Moreno.

Anthony Moreno arrived at his home while police were searching it and was taken into custody.

He is charged with possession of a controlled substance with the intent to manufacture, deliver or sell, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a deadly weapon.

Moreno is being held on $50,000 bond.


  • marie mcclaine

    way to go dad!!! i totally applaud on your action to your son. when our kids wont listen and refrain from doing something we have asked stop.doing sometimes tough love is the only answer.

  • mumbo jumbo

    Stop the stupid war on marijuana and a lot of this nonsense will stop. Imprisoning people for this drug is so incredibly stupid.

      • Hard Truths

        Decent people NULLIFY bad laws.

        Bad, stupid, authoritarian people follow the law blindly.

        Your comments are inconsistent with your nom de plume. Freedom needs to include the right to use, cultivate, and sell marijuana.

  • Kim

    I agree marijuana should indeed be legal. But this dude had pills and an assault rifle….he obviously doesn’t have the good intentions most pro-marijuana advocates have in mind. Way to go dad. Your son in jail paying for his crimes is better than finding him dead because of a drug cartel

  • What tha Duck?

    Question, if dude had $8,000 on him, why the hell he living with his dad? I know it takes a lot to get your own apartment, but jeez, eight grand would surely make it easier to get one.

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