One Dead, Another Injured After Shooting Near Knight Road And Winchester

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(Memphis) Police are hunting for a killer, after one person was killed and another injured in a drive-by shooting.

It happened on Knight Road near Winchester just after 5 p.m. Monday.

Officials tell WREG the person who was injured is expected to make a full recovery.

However, horrified friends and family members still learned one person will never make it home.

Their wails and sobs pierced the air as police investigated the scene.

It was raw emotion, the only emotion to be expected when a loved one is killed.

Sources tell WREG this may have been a gang-related shooting.

Those same sources say Monday night's shooting could be connected to other recent homicides in the area.

Last month, a woman and her fiance were shot at a Citgo gas station. The man was killed. A baby in the backseat was not hurt.

No one has been arrested in connection with the Knight Road shooting.

Police are looking for a white Expedition they believe may have been used in the crime.

No names have been released yet.

Police also had to handle a fight that broke out at the crime scene after the shooting.


  • yocuzisabigdud

    Dey be sayin dat crime happen everwhere
    But dey too dumb to know or care in da ghetto…in da ghettoooooo
    Dey be shootin and lootin and robbin like thieves
    Dey blame whitey but he pay fo dey needs in da ghetto…in da ghettooooo

  • Yocuzzzin

    Dey be sayin dat crime happen everwhere
    But dey too dumb to know or care in da ghetto…in da ghettoooooo
    Dey be shootin and lootin and robbin like thieves
    Dey blame whitey but he pay fo dey needs in da ghetto…in da ghettooooo

  • SayNoMore

    @midtownmike, please define ghetto!! While Memphis does have an established poor population; a struggling middle class population; a strong Jewish population; and a strong Black population, the term ghetto really refers to Jewish neighborhoods. Is that what you meant? Or, did you mean the struggling middle class (majority) who is desperately doing eveything they can, in their respective neighborhoods, to make them nice and inviting?? Just curious, before I write you off as one of “them”, who seizes each and every opportunity to assert supremacy!! The struggling middle class cannot stop the daily violence that is brought to their doorsteps by out of control youths almost daily. Only the youths and their parents can make the big difference!!

    • jbmw120

      A run-down urban area primarily inhabited by a single minority group. Ghettos are often characterized by high
      unemployment, high crime, gang activity, inadequate municipal services, widespread drug use, high rates
      of dropout from school, broken families and an absence of businesses. As a result, real estate value in
      ghetto communities are generally much cheaper than in other communities.

    • Terrie

      If you think this way then you need to go preach to the people that you know saw a crime & ther people that did it & turned thier heads & said nothing! THOSE are the people that could help stop this crime.

  • Big Daddy 88

    More police is not the answer. They are responders, not life changers. It is a cultural change that is needed. There is no war on gangs just like there is no war on drugs. There is no war. The crims are winning. It will not stop.

  • man alone

    I stay in the hood right now in fact the one were all this is going on most of you has never even spend the night GHETTO wow smh look people alot of us in the as you call it GHETTO came from bad home’s drug family s do you think we want this not all of us are dumb we may even b smarter than you but I will say this much we didnt ask for this this all mosr of us know the way we were raised to survive and alot of us are getting out for me its tomorrow and mor than HALF of us work very hard you get on here and talk like this about people and you call us GHETTO you really need to look in the mirror oh and hate to break it to you BLACKS ar not the only color and the caveman told Tarzan how you better than me

  • Billy Lando Scotland

    What in the hell did you just try to communicate? Good Lord, you mumble incoherently about being smart, but you have no basic grasp of the English language? Ever heard of sentences, (besides the prison type), capitol letters, punctuation, ohhhhh, forget it. It’s useless to try. Just wish my ancestors had picked their own cotton!!!!1

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