Child Among Six Shot In Clarksdale; One Dead

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(Clarksdale, MS) A 7-year-old boy is recovering after being shot in Clarksdale, Mis., Sunday night.

There were a series of shootings in the troubled town Sunday.

“I couldn’t go to church,” resident Erma Calvin said.

Calvin won’t forget this Sunday anytime soon. She raised her kids on Adams Street and has seen her neighborhood change over the years. What happened to two young men Sunday morning was even too much for her.

“They drove down there and were talking to the boy, I heard three shots, pop, pop, pop,” said Calvin.

Just after 10 a.m. Sunday, 36-year-old Rico Butler was shot and killed in the 100 block of Adams Street.

Another man, who was sitting in Butler's car, was shot in the arm.

At 10:55 p.m., a man was shot in the foot in the 700 block of Catalpa Street.

Twenty minutes later, two men were shot while standing in the 600 block of Ritchie.

That's the same location where the child was shot while inside an apartment.

The shootings have people like Robert Watkins afraid to even open his front door.

“They don’t care, really don’t,” said Watkins.

People around town say these shootings were gang related.

Police admit they have a gang problem around town, but say retaliation happens here and it’s not always gangs, just a small town.

“We’ve heard sometimes you have shootings they lead to other shootings,” said Robbie Linley, Assistant Chief of Police in Clarksdale.

Calvin may not have made church, but she did turn to prayer, hoping young people with guns will finally learn there’s another way.

Clarksdale Police Department ask you to call them at 662-621-8151 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 if you have information in the shootings.

Clarksdale has seen a large increase in violence and gangs over the past few years.

Just last week, we told you about a disabled man who lost his home when it was set on fire.

The man, who is white, believes it was racially motivated after the words 'Get Out Cracker' and a gang symbol were sprayed on the walls.


  • austinandjustin

    By stupidity and violence in MS, TN, USA, the world? No, no surprise, I just wish we as the human race could do better.

    • mike

      Ever hear of Martial law.I would hate to see it happen, but something has got to be done. We the people all races need to fix this

    • ClarksdaleCitizen

      Who all on public assistance?? Huh? That’s what I want to know. What does the crimes here have to do with public assistance? I would love to know!! If you don’t know what you’re talking about then I suggest you don’t say anything!! We all in the town of Clarksdale just need to come together! Instead, people are too scared. They’re allowing these wannabe thugs and gang members take over and that’s not cool at all. Innocent kids/people are getting shot and/or killed. Police can’t do it along. How can they do anything when people won’t speak up? How can the police help when everybody saying they don’t know or they didn’t see anything. It’s ridiculous here!!!

      • DALONTRA


      • LBG 500z

        I’m from Clarksdale,
        n a former Organization Leader, Rico Butler is my Beloved brother, R.I.P. family.
        police neva knw anything, people tell things, not because they’re concern, but outta hatred, yes hatred.
        Those that don’t be at a crime scene, have much to say, yet don’t knw NOTHING!!!
        bit those that are at the crime scene has nothing to say.
        truly its ashame, .
        the media convicts one before trial, do you people knw how that makes a young black /white man feels? knowing he don’t stand a chance in the court room.
        I’m not saying shooting/killing anyone is rite.
        but you people have to listen to do streets, the kids are crying for love, for someone to care for them.
        just the other 8 young men where just waking down the streets, and what do you see, a cop car, moments later you see 4 cops cars, the young men where searched, officers found nothing,.
        Do you know how those young brothers felt,? think about it.
        a lot of men are in prison from Clarksdale, their children were force to come up without a father, .
        its true the fathers may have committed a crime, BUT DOES THE SENTENCE IMPOSE FIT THE CRIME?????
        Without a father young men as well as young women grow up to fast and wrong.
        The people have to BREAK THE CYCLE, and it can’t be broken without that child’s father.
        Only a few kids make it in life that’s from Clarksdale.
        I suggest that the courts free known gangleaders members
        and allow them to change that city/town/county, why? Because those lost kids will listen to those that have been through what they’re tryna go through.
        if you people can’t change the lost children of clarksdale that need/want to be found, allow those that have been missing to.
        Every mother that has a child in the streets has told that child, (if your daddy /father was out you wouldn’t be this way).
        Think about it, and let’s BREAK THE CYCLE.

  • Nonya Bidness

    That’s why my kids are in private school, I don’t want them exposed to the “CULTURE” or the “community.” What I do want them exposed to is self-respect, self worth, work ethic, and education.

  • Leigh ann

    I grew up in Clarksdale and sad to see this wonderful town have to deal with the likes of thugs like this. I say, Get Morgan Freeman out there and tell them to find a way to merge into peace.

  • Evelyn Miller

    I live in Clarksdale and I must say it has gotten bad. Our leaders have been so focused on tourism, that they forgot about the problems of this city. We you continue to sweep trash under the rug, eventually that pile will become so high and noticeable. Now it’s bad. NOW WHAT LEADERS OF CLARKSDALE?

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