Population Growth Stagnant In And Around Memphis

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(Memphis) New census population estimates show the metro area is barely growing.

The area continues to be in the top ten in unemployment, the poverty rate hasn't improved, and it seems every time a company announces new jobs, come announcements like the one from Harrah’s casino.

It’s shutting down, and that's going to put more than a thousand people out of work.

Is there anything we could be doing that we're not doing?


    • Jim

      Violent crime has motivated the middle class to flee Memphis and CAN you blame them. A murder occurs almost daily. People are deathly afraid to stay in the city limits for fear of being the next person to be shot or stabbed to death. Hickory HIll was once a thriving middle class community, now it’s an area run by thugs, gang bangers and other low life punks. Sometimes the truth hurts.

    • Sarah

      The intelligent and well educated are leaving or they have already left.
      Memphis = Detroit=Oakland+East St. Louis, etc.

      The working folks leave and so does the tax base as the city implodes from lack of capital.

  • Sally Smith

    I agree that it’s hopeless. I intend to leave AS SOON as I can find another job. Memphis is NOTHING but a crime-ridden cesspool.

  • Thomas H. Evans

    (1) Idiots running the city. (2) Denial of Crime situation by law enforcement. (3) Denial of Race issues in the city. (4) Taxes are killing residents. (5) Total lack of experience of how to attract business to the city by our so called leaders. (6) We don’t have leaders. (7) Poor Education System in the past. (8) City is filthy, even in front of City Hall. We need leaders in this city starting at the Mayors office, Housing Authority, and Transit System, that would be a good start.

    • Observant citizen

      Don’t forget every street in memphis is so riddled with potholes it looks like an earthquake hit! They’ve already destroyed my one year old new car. The roads in Honduras are better than memphis.

  • jcathyc

    Agree with this statement taxes are high deterring businesses
    People loosing their homes
    Because Memphis city council only knows how to raise taxes and nothing else. Better leadership is a must

  • cynthia curran

    Republicans always blame it on Taxes. Memphis has a high low skilled afro-american population which means it hard to get decent jobs. Des Moines Iowa actually taxes higher but it white middle class and has better unemployment.

  • Long Gone

    “the metro area is barely growing”
    That’s good news. I thought it would be much lower. Its the same three things that keep people or cause them to move, crime,taxes, and schools.

    • A. Lindsey

      I agree with SesSierra. If memphis residents would elect true conservative candidates into office, the problems would be solved. The crime rate would go down, taxes wouldn’t keep going up and memphis could have a good education system again. But, the Liberal population of Memphis is going to keep voting these liberal idiot leaders back into office and then they will wonder why Memphis stays so bad. I don’t live in Memphis and im glad! My family is much safer living outside of Memphis. and a tip to the city of Memphis. Try giving free gun safety classes to women residents of Memphis and see how much your crime rates against women go down. – A. Lindsey

  • Jim

    No brain buster here. Memphis is constantly one of the top ten towns that are on the FBI’s most violent crime list. What’s to figure out? Cops are crooked, the government in Memphis is atrocious, who want sot live and invest in this type of environment. And pleas all know why! So move out, let Memphis fall BIG TIME! Everyday there are murders, The answer is not a brain drain on any human.

  • 1midtownmike

    Harold Ford Sr. and Willie Herenton wanted to make Memphis a black city 20+ years ago……..mission accomplished.

    This is what happens when a city becomes black.

    The black race baiters have noone to blame but themselves.

    Can you blame whites for not wanting to be a part of ghetto culture?

    • Hard Truths

      Truth spoken. Thanks to King Willie, Memphis is now a Third World city, mismanaged by even Third World standards. Willie’s kleptocrats are still running the city. They’re everywhere there’s a chance to steal.

      We can’t compete with real cities in America.

    • Why-Tee

      Or a 9.0 magnitude quake inside I-240 to clean out the ghetto rats and flush them down the Mississippi.

  • thornsndarts

    Funny – title says “and around Memphis”. Read an article on the web just the other day, that Southaven in one of the fastest growing cities in the USA!

    • thehood

      Southaven is growing at a fast pace because more blacks are moving out of Memphis. The blacks have all but destroyed Horn Lake, and Southaven and Olive Branch will be next. The more blacks that move into Desoto County, the more the whites will move out.

  • John Snow

    Strange, if you drive through Germantown new homes are being built every where. Sorry but I think it is only Memphis and not surrounding area. I would not live in the crime city of the world.

  • TN_Red

    I will try to leave some constructive comments. I moved to this area 10 years ago from the Baltimore-Washington Area. (they have alot of crime there, don’t let the press fool you). I considered the mid-town area and saw many beautiful homes. I ended up in the “Burbs”. Recently, I considered a move to downtown Memphis. Each time I came away from my search thinking “Will the politicians appreciate my tax dollars” ? or just view me as a source of income and not the SOURCE OF THEIR POWER (and paychecks). Memphis came to an agreement about the “Sears building” (where are those residents going to come from?), this should be torn down….yet had to think about a deal for Autozone park which is revenue producing RIGHT NOW! The city does not have the money for one let alone both projects. Look at how the strip malls are “leap-frogging” down Winchester, right out of the city. Bass Pro SHOULD be a great deal for the City, as long as security is top-notch. Concentrate on the downtown. Bass pro brings the “pinch district” in with Harbor Town. Central BBQ, the rail station, Arcade ,and the newly opened CR museum and others anchor the south end of town. Now worry about the crime with a strong presence…and be tough on the “perps”. Has the city ever stopped to say “Thank you”? Thank you for living in our city & spending your money here? Has the city thanked the thousands of businesses? or just slapped more taxes and regulations on them? ALL Taxpayers, individuals and business, like to be appreciated, and not taken for granted. It’s not too late for Memphis, but if City Hall isn’t careful, it will be the next Detroit…history usually isn’t wrong.

  • MikeHall

    Memphis is going to go bankrupt due to the ignorance of their own populace. If WREG actually cares to stop this they should report on how racism, crime, corruption, and dead-beat dads that have destroyed this city.

  • Nonya Bidness

    We all need to lobby our state elected officials to put time limits on entitlement programs. Two years consecutive, 4 years lifetime. After two years those that want to work will have jobs, and those that want to leech off society will move to a state that will continue to give them free money.

    After the leeches move out than those with jobs will have a little skin in the game and start getting informed about elections.

    • Hard Truths

      If there are no Bread and Circuses, the urban proletariat will become even more violent and criminal. The problem in Memphis is that the majority are part of a criminal culture.

      There isn’t a solution. Nowhere is it written that a city lasts forever. We’ve just blown our opportunities a lot faster than most cities do.

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