Here Comes The Judge: Is Joe Brown Courting Trouble?

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(Shelby County) An outburst by former TV judge and Shelby County judge Joe Brown landed him in jail, if only for a few hours.

You can’t deny the candidate for Shelby County district attorney didn't get more than his share of free publicity.

Was it a political stunt, or was Brown really that angry over the case he claimed to be representing in juvenile court?


  • Thomas H. Evans

    If it was a political stunt, then Joe Brown is winning. He is yet to put out one Ad or Billboard, and yet more people know of him now than did a week before this happened. If the media would stop talking about it, then maybe it would go away, at least for a minute. For now Joe Brown is winning!

  • Kevin

    The court system was messed up way before Judge Joe Brown told them about themselves …. What does Bill Gibbons have to do with this? You guys may have just won Joe brown the election. Whenever you white people jump all over a candidate and show your racism, you get smacked right in your racist mouths when that person is put in office. Will you ever learn this stuff folks? So it would do you a great service to just keep your mouths closed and your coward-like comment to yourselves ….

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