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The Item Police Say Ties This Man To At Least One Rape

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(Memphis) Police say they found a Chanel scarf belonging to a woman raped Thursday morning at the Abington Apartments, inside the home of suspect Deandrey Peterson.

The victim told police her attacker's face was covered with a scarf, but she recognized Peterson's voice.

She was also able to pick him out of a photo lineup after he was arrested at another apartment complex nearby.

Police are trying to determine if Peterson is responsible for at least three other rapes at the Abington Apartments over the last month.

Peterson's mother says they have the wrong guy.

"My son is no rapist. It was probably the other guy with him, but he's no rapist," said Beverly Loverson.

Court records show Peterson was arrested at the Abington Apartments back in September and charged with burglary, theft and resisting arrest.

Police say Peterson broke into an apartment with a babysitter inside and she locked herself in the bathroom and called for help.

He was spotted outside that apartment building before the break-in, and near a vacant apartment where police found all the stolen items.

Prosecutors, though, later dismissed all the charges.

People who live in the complex say they can't help but wonder if more could have been done to keep Peterson in jail.

"It’s bad they dismissed the charges. They should have just let him stay locked up for it," said Darius Hoover.

Peterson is now locked up on $1 million dollars bond.

We asked why the charges against Peterson were dropped, but so far have not heard back from the prosecuting attorneys office.

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