Officials: Be Prepared For Severe Weather

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(WREG-TV) Between the sound of rain hitting the pavement, a couple on Beale Street heard wedding bells.

"We're getting married tomorrow in Graceland," the couple said.

With thunderstorms rolling through, they were not thinking about what to do if the weather gets crazy.

Safety officials say everybody should have a plan in case things get dangerous.

"If you're outdoors and we have threatening weather moving through, go to a place of safety," Bob Nations, Jr., with the Shelby County Office of Preparedness, said.

Finding a place of safety could mean running into the nearest bar on Beale Street.

"Get under a table at Hooters," one traveler said.

It is important to make sure you are out of harm's way, especially during a season where severe weather alerts are common.

After making sure you are safe, be sure to have the items you need nearby.

"Having batteries in flashlights, batteries in weather radios," Nations said. "If you lose power, you're going to want to have some lighting."

With high winds in play, losing power can become a reality.

Memphis Light Gas and Water said they have crews working around the clock to make sure customers are not left in the dark longer than necessary.

"Our customers should never assume that Memphis Light, Gas, and Water knows that their services our out," Spokesperson Gayle Jones Carson said.

Customers must call 544-6500 to report an outage.

Despite the thunderstorms, fans and the engaged couple on Beale Street said they are staying out tonight.

"It's OK, we're celebrating!" the couple shouted.