Knockout Game: Teens Accused Of Beating Random Student For Fun

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(Memphis) Knock out is a violent pastime that does exactly what is says - knocks a person out.

A Whitehaven teenager is at home recovering, after being the target of the vicious game.

You could hear the beautiful harmonies and melodies of Whitehaven High students from across the street Friday.

But just Thursday, the high school was the scene of chaotic battleground, not a choir concert.

Outside Whitehaven High was the scene of a violent phenomenon sweeping the country.

Teens walk up to complete strangers and just knock them out. It’s all a game to the attackers, called knock out.

“I've heard about it in New York, like upstate,” said neighbor Ray McClain.

Police say the knock out game is now here in Memphis.

Two 18-year-olds, Jerrean Eason and Marcus Hopson, along with two teenage boys under 18, are the star players in a case where they are accused of beating a 17-year-old student leaving Whitehaven High Thursday.

“These children don't care about life no more. They just live to be violent,” said neighbor George Martin.

The teen attacked is OK.

Eason, Hopson and the other two teens face charges, but it's their actions leaving neighbors uneasy.

“Stay alert; look around, if I see a gang of young guys, veer off the other way,” said McClain.

“I can't say how it makes me feel, but it's not a good feeling,” said Ann Williams.

The beating happened after school and on a public sidewalk.

Williams wants police to do more to keep students like her 17-year-old daughter safe.

“They need to patrol the outside as well as the inside,” said Williams.

Eason and Hopson are no longer in jail. Their bond was only set at $100.


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