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Man Charged With Rape; Mom Says “They Got The Wrong Guy!”

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(Memphis) Thursday, Memphis Police arrested Deandrey Peterson on suspicion of rape.

Late Thursday night, Peterson was charged with two counts of rape and aggravated burglary related to a rape at 2:45 a.m. Thursday at the Abington Apartments.

A woman said a man had broken into her apartment and raped her at gunpoint.

Earlier in the day, police said they had a person in custody who matched the description of a man wanted for several disturbing rapes in the Raleigh area.

This is the fourth in a series of rapes at the Abington Apartments since February.

Peterson was taken into custody at the Stonegate Apartments, which is walking distance to Abington Apartments.

Police said they spotted him while patrolling after the rape was reported.

Beverly Loverson said her son lives with his girlfriend at Stonegate, and said her son was taken into custody Thursday.

Police told her they think he may be linked to several sexual assaults in the area, including Thursday's incident.

"My son ain't no rapist," said Loverson. "Overall he's a good kid. He just need to get him a job, get his life right., get in church and get closer to God. That's all I can say."

Previously, the U.S. Marshals Office said it was looking for a different man, claiming he was known to frequent the Abington Apartments.

However, WREG has learned that man has been in a Delaware prison since March 12 for rape, sex offender and parole violations.

If you have information on these rapes, call Crime Stoppers at 528-CASH.

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    • Ms.Jones

      And you know she’s a single mother how? What in this report indicated anything as such? Maybe the father was too ashamed to be interviewed? Tell me, oh wise and great one, how do you know all things? Stop fonting for a while, when you assume you make an you know what out of yourself.

      • Terrie

        Oh ms jones – don’t be a hater. You know she’s right. You’re just showing how deeply brain washed you are. Keep believing what your people tell you…..

      • hateliberalcommies

        @jones: Easy,,I will tell ya,,because 85% of those households have NO FATHER,,that’s why….betcha this creep falls in that category..

  • 1midtownmike

    That’s what’s messed up with young urban males. They go thru their formative years hearing “He didn’t do nothing wrong” and then nana wonders why her baby is some 300 lb gorillas girlfriend @ 201 Poplar.

    • Ms.Jones

      That’s what’s wrong with these lily white suburban males. They go through their whole life hearing how the world is their oyster, and others should bow down. They go through their whole life, hearing and seeing ol’ Mumzy and Daddy excuse every little thing they do as “Kids being Kids”. And then, they grow up, get drunk and kill a slew of others, only to get off because Mumzy and Daddy took care of them by getting the best lawyer their money could buy. See how that can go both ways?

  • Terrie

    I’ve never seen such sad cases of denial. When this mother is proved that her boy did it, then she’ll just say “What ever” and walk away. This only proves to me that like him, most mothers that think this way are idiots as well.

  • stuckincrazyland

    LMMFAO @ Im stuck here with this petty, Childish, RACIST SHIT HOLE!!!!!!!! Keep the laughs coming. The help me get through my days here in Hell

  • SayNoMore

    “Black on Black” crime is as much a myth as “White on White” crime, but the characterization of Black on Black serves to continually denegrate and stir hostility toward Black males in particular. Crime is crime, regardless of who is doing it to whom. Where the population is majority “X” race, the crime will be X on X, and in areas where the populations tend to be about the same, the most convenient ethnic person will be the one likely victimized!! Punish all criminals alike, for similar type crimes and get rid of the racist agenda!!

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