Student Athletes Getting Paid To Play, Redefining Success, And Difference Between Humor And Hatred?

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Here today is our own Markova Reed, Danni Bruns from 98.1 The Max and Steve Conley from Classic Hits 94.1.

Should student athlete's get paid to play? According to a recent lawsuit filed in federal court, they should.

The lawsuit alleges the NCAA is running a cartel that generates billions of dollars in revenue, but caps the Compensation of student-athletes.

In an essay for CNN, Arianna Huffington, the Editor-In-Chief of the Huffington Post Media Group, says we need to redefine success, so that it's not just about money and power.

So, let's talk about that, what does success mean to you?

Nick Cannon, an African American comedian , caused major controversy when he posted a whiteface photo on social media this week, to promote his new album called 'White People Party Music".

Some say it's racist.

He says there's a difference between humor and hatred.

What do you say?

A huge shocker this week on CBS, when the leading male character on "The Good Wife" was killed off!

Actor Josh Charles and "The Good Wife" writers have been planning his departure for a year without a single spoiler leak!

What are your other most-memorable TV shockers?