Shelby County Corrections Director Resigns After Alleged Relationship Misconduct

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(Shelby County) The Shelby County Corrections director resigned Tuesday.

James Coleman, who has been a county employee since 2001, says he resigned for personal reasons.

Shelby County said in a statement: “His resignation follows an allegation of relationship misconduct from an employee he worked with. The county brought in an outside investigator to look into the employee’s allegation. The investigation has not yet been completed.”

Coleman was appointed director of corrections in 2010.

Before that, he served as assistant chief of jail operations and later chief jailer at the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.

Harvey Kennedy, the chief administrative officer of the Shelby County government, will oversee operations until an interim director is appointed.



  • sexual harassment

    was for sexual harassment lets tell the truth he did the same at the his last place of employment as well.

  • 2-10 shift 201 poplar

    Hey Chief, “Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. “James Coleman never foresaw that the chickens would come home to roost so soon…Being an old farm boy myself, chickens coming home to roost never did make me sad; they always made me glad.”

    • De Lano Parker

      That man destroyed my life with a personal pettiness…
      Now look at him.. I’m not gonna gloat… Because my life is in shambles… But you reap what you sow….


    REALLY?!?!?! The resignation letter says I LOST MY WAY FOR A BRIEF MOMENT. If the investigators coming in were able to go back and research the past they would find more dirt. And not only that but Coleman used to talk crazy to people and threaten their jobs for no reason. I was one of those people. Karma is something else.

    Common knowledge among Shelby County Sheriff employees everyone knows there is major violations going on with the sexual misconduct up in the ranks. Move this person here, offer them a job there, give them a raise…..plenty of ways to keep people quiet. I am glad finally someone got caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

    BUT Shelby County taxpayers if you this was the only thing wrong in the Sheriff’s department, that would be good.

  • Eagle Eye

    James( Dirty Bird ) Coleman day finally came. This guy has violated so many women under his command and caused them so much grief. This guy is a Clown and if his wife has a brain in her head she would pack his bags and send him on his way. Mr. Dirty Bird isn’t sorry so don’t play into that. He is only sorry he got caught. Hopefully every woman he has harassed will come forward and make their complaint known so no other woman will not endure these types of actions from anyone in government.Kudos to the whistle blower and hopefully arrest charges will follow. Creep!!!

  • SMH

    It is funny how EVERYONE points the finger as if THEY are PERFECT!!! It takes two and BOTH of them are ADULTS!!! I’m sure we ALL have done some things that one should be punished for so before pointing the finger KNOW that you have more pointing back at yourself! Im not defending anything but simply expressing how people are quick to judge and scrutinize when WE ARE NOT PERFECT and DO NOT know the WHOLE story!!!

    • former corrections officer for SCDC

      Before judging someone else for calling out a person like this, judge the one who is supposed to be held to a higher standard. That was his job. He took advantage of it and the ones he hurt in the progress. So yes we are judging, the fruit of his labor not him.

  • SMH

    To add we ALL know how theses thirsty females are… They will try to get close to the person that is in charge at any job and use their flirtatious ways to try to make it to the TOP… LETS be real, can’t put all the blame on him… IJS

    • Wisdom

      Are you serious? Look at the man? Even the most parched, dry-mouthed, thirstiest female would want nothing to do with this old, nasty fart.

      • former corrections officer for SCDC

        agreed, he misused his authority at all times. I thought it was James Coleman’s Division of Corruption the way he ran that compound.

  • Terrie

    Looks like the govt offices are being cleaned out. We’ll how much money he swindled, the car he’s driving that the tax payers are paying for etc next.
    “Give’um a mile and they shrink it to an inch. Haha

  • Free Thinker

    Blame Satan, real classy. Us atheists have to shoulder the burden of guilt all alone. How convenient it must be to have an “out”.


    Come on, come on…..This is not the first, second, third, fourth, or fifth time James Coleman have been involved with staff members. Remember the phase he taught us, “Quid pro Quo????? The most recent ladies, or the one who turned him in, is definitely not a victim and was most certainly, a willing participant, as was the tens of other “201Poplar” female staff that laid down with the devil, only to sell their mind, bodies and souls for a promotion, status, or a special assignment. He as well as they, had ulterior motives. Heck, I can even name names…but they know who they are. He ran around, through, under, and between lots of legs. And the simple, mindless, spineless, devil worshipers, were left with nothing but wet panties and sheets!

  • former corrections officer for SCDC

    It really vexes me to hear a man with such little character and compassion for others to want someone to take pity on him when he is clearly wrong. This man laid two women off work without pay because they were pregnant (stating that the two officers would have to fight/ restrain inmates and if they weren’t able to do that, they couldn’t work/he would not accommodate them while they were pregnant)and went on to fire one while she was still in the hospital having a premature baby from the stress of her not having a job to care for her family. Now you want to bring up God and family. You didn’t care about these two women who had families that depended on them for their likelihoods . You reap what you sow. The only pity I have for you is that you didn’t get caught sooner.

  • Kevin Lewis

    Reading the comments on this story should cause someone in Shelby County Government to call for a more intense look at what has been going on in the Department of Corrections. Sounds like laws may have been broken, or rights violated with regard to how people have been treated. I doubt it will go any further than this admission because the people that have the authority to push may be just as guilty…a lot of people are going to be holding their breath on this one…if you have something to sat…now is the time.

  • onalls

    it’s interesting that MAYOR Luttrell got to appoint the new INTERIM Director; so how will that affect the interim position ”Sir Coleman” HIMSELF recently appointed (another one of his ”I LOSE MY WAY” partners)!!!! she told the staff, ”Don’t get it twisted,he may be gone,but I’m still in charge”……….WOW!!!!!!!!

  • benHarris

    It’s ironic another Chief at the Sheriff’s Deps is accused of the same thing and it didn’t make the news. It`s bc Kennedy and his staff did the investigation and covered up a lot. Kennedy worked with that Chief prior to coming to work for the mayor. No outside investigation was done on that Chief, but one was done on Coleman. I can’t wait until the secret recordings from that investigation reach the news, people will see how corrupt the Sheriff’s Dept and Mayor’s Office is. I heard the guy who did the investigation didn’t know his meetings were recorded and blames the Mayors top staff for the cover up. The corrections office isn’t the only w/ this problem.

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