Homeowner Shoots Man Breaking In

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(Memphis) Memphis Police say a homeowner shot at two people trying to break into his home Wednesday afternoon.

One person was shot in the 3200 block Cookie Cove.

The man who was shot showed up at a fire station in the 3300 block of South Mendenhall.

He was taken to The MED in critical condition.

There is no information on the second suspect at this time.


  • mission1

    Dang, I wish these people in Memphis would learn how to shoot. Unload your entire magazine and reload again and keeping firing, at least one of the rounds will hit the mark. This city is a combat zone, that’s why the police will put a dozen or more bullets in a person.

  • upaces88

    I live in Texas. I had a break in at one time. The cops were called. They told me to shoot him EVEN IF he was leaving…drag him back inside the house. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.
    He explained that it keeps it from getting even to court AT ALL.

    • Truth again

      aaaaakkkk,, wrong! That’s old porch talk, about dragging perp back in house. People dont believe that. Check the laws.

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