Does It Work: Amco One-Step Corn Kerneler

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(WREG-TV) Wouldn't be great if a simple device could help you remove fresh corn off the cob?

This week, we tested a gadget that claims it can do that. But Does It Work?

It's finally springtime, and time to whip up recipes that call for fresh corn!

But taking the kernels off the cob is time-consuming and quite messy! That's why we put the Amco one-step corn kerneler to the Does It Work test.

It's supposed to easily remove the kernels from the cob in one quick motion and without a big mess.

Sheetal Patel likes that idea. She loves to cook and tries to save time using unique kitchen gadgets.

"Looks like it would save time just because it's a one-step movement versus me taking the knife and cutting all the sides off one by one."

First, we shucked, rinsed, and used a knife to remove the kernels from the cob.

Then it was show-time for the Amco one-step corn kerneler!

We shucked, rinsed, and followed the simple instructions.

There's a steel blade inside the corn kerneler that's adjustable to fit the size of the cob you're using.

We placed it at the top of the cob and Patel said, "I think it worked, but there is a section that there was some corn that I guess didn't get cut off by the blade."

Technically it did remove the kernels from the cob in one quick motion, just not all of them.

The corn did collect in the doughnut-shaped device and poured out of the spout with a few shakes.

So Amco one-step corn kerneler, you passed the Does It Work test - but hold up! You didn't fully convince Patel.

"I think it's just as easy to use a knife and to get everything off the corn."

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