Court Order Details What Led To Joe Brown Arrest

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(Memphis) News Channel 3 has obtained a court order detailing what led up to the arrest of Joe Brown.

The order was written by Magistrate Harold Horne and states Brown, a former Shelby County judge and current attorney, was representing a woman whose case had been continued.

The order states Brown wanted the case dismissed, "During the course of Mr. Brown's remarks it became clear that he was entering on a course designed to disrupt and denigrate the court proceedings as his comments became progressively more disrespectful and it appeared that he was willfully and intentionally baiting the court."

In a recording from the proceedings you can hear Brown, "On what authority do you sit by the way? As a former judge here, we have a rule in the 30th judicial district that says every single magistrate, referee has to be unanimously approved by every circuit, chancery, and criminal court judge. I don’t recall that your name’s ever been submitted sir!”

The court order addresses the recording, "It should be noted that while a recording of the proceedings will show the words used and their tone, the recording will not show Mr. Brown's directing some of his invective toward the "audience" rather than the Magistrate."

The court order further states, "the Court was of the opinion that Mr.Brown was attempting to provoke a riot in a courtroom which was filled with over 70 citizens and that a failure to act quickly would disrupt the orderly progress of the Court's hearings."

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  • Shaking My Head

    This man is on the ballot to be our District Attorney??? I cannot imagine anyone in their right mind could support this nut.

  • Marian Huey Taylor

    You think this place has a crime problem NOW — if this buffoon actually manages to get elected, the criminals will have open season because they know this clown will be too busy getting himself in front of the cameras to actually run the DA’s office…. Everyone knows if someone acted that way in Brown’s courtroom Brown would throw them in jail for 30 days, yet Brown wants to play the victim card and whine because he didn’t get away with it.

    Like my late father used to say, the higher up the tree you climb, the more of your @$$ is on view for the world to see….

  • Kevin

    Way to go Judge … Now you see how these hicks are in Memphis.They are the worst in the country … Some of them still think the old south will rise back up form the dead ,,,, I hope you beat the daylights out of (whatever her name is) during the election. You already have my vote

    • Joe

      Kevin i doubt you’re registered anyway,,,,,,,Brown has been in front of cameras so long he’s addicted ….

      That kind of arrogance and disrespect in a courtroom we can do without.

      Want memphis to become more of a joke? just elect joe brown….he’s an actor now…..certainly not someone with the temperament and judgement to be a D.A.

  • Joe

    Perhaps Mr. Brown realized that the qualifications for elected, public office in Memphis require a criminal record. Our voting base ain’t exactly the brightest (as is evidenced by the support he’s getting).

    • Terrie

      Yes it is because people will not let go of a past! No one alive today had anything to do with it or was a part of it. AND it all ended well so let it go! Stop using it as a crutch. Relive it & cry about it inside your house amongst yourselves.

  • Lyvette

    It’s people like you who always want to say “Black” people use racism as a crutch. Your response is lacking wisdom. 1st I don’t believe anyone should disrupt a courtroom…no one! 2nd you are a fool to say racism isn’t very well alive and kicking in this country. To ignore it keeps the problem alive. I don’t need a crutch when there are people like you who try limit my FREEDOM of speech.

    • hateliberalcommies

      What? nobody can can limit your free speech,,here’s a prime example of you using that crutch,,


    Judge Joe Brown stood up for the rights of a women to whom was not being treated fairly. He said what those idiots needed to hear… They play God with people’s lives everyday, and THEY are not always fair or correct. They think because they work at the court house they are PREFECT… Guess what your human like the rest of us..get over it and do your jobs correctly and FAIRLY and then NOBODY will have to come in there and tell you how to correctly do your jobs…

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