Drag Queen Beats Up Six Women In A Bar

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(Memphis) A man is in jail for beating up six women in a Midtown bar.

Some say Kenneth Mason might not have known his own strength, because the almost 300 lb. man identifies himself as a woman and goes by Monica.

"We are putting chairs up on tables and cleaning up. It was time to go home," said Tami Montgomery, who owns the bar Dru's Place on Madison Ave.

As the bar owner, Tami said "last call," but police say Mason wasn't having it.

"He was throwing us around like we were nothing."

Police say Mason beat up six women that night, including Tami, because he wanted one more beer.

Two women got the worst of it.

"He actually hit her with an umbrella and broke it and it sliced her head open. Another girl, he bit so she had to go get a tetanus shot."

What makes the story even stranger is Kenneth did all this while dressed up as a woman.

"He may identify as a woman but he fights like a man, A very large, strong man."

Kenneth, or Monica, has had a warrant out for his arrest since that December night.

Police finally tracked him down Monday to a Frayser house and charged him with beating up six women who were only a fraction of his size.

"It was the craziest thing I've ever seen," said Tami.

Tami says one of the women still has a large scar on her forehead from being hit with the umbrella.

Mason is charged with eight counts of assault and is being held on a $35,000 bond.


  • Truthy

    “He may identify as a woman but he fights like a man, A very large, strong man.”

    He fights like one, because he is one. Nice to see some Midtowners getting a lesson in biology.

  • Jared

    Drag queens dont identify as women – trans people do. Most drag queens know quite well they are men, they do it for the entertainment.
    Tis why I think drag queens are disgusting. I can tolerate trans even if they are incorrect about themselves (and I’m a gay man, so don’t try to label me with that homophobic crap). If we’re “born this way” then it seems to me like we should stay that way!
    Kinda got off topic there, but yes, drag queens know theyre men. Thats why they call themselves drag queens, and not women.

  • Joe

    I’m sure charges will be dropped when a mad-house of crazed liberals start shouting hateful insults at our police dept. and justice system for discrimination against what they call the “LGBT community.”

  • Patrick

    I am happy to know that this person has been caught. But I am greatly saddened to see some of the ignorance that Memphis still proudly flaunts. Grow up people!!! This was a sad event that happened to great people. Show some sympathy.


    I wonder what kind of fights his fat butt will have in jail. Oh wait . . . no beera . .and no women there

  • Jakrabt

    Not cool, Monica. Dru’s Place has always been a quiet neutral place for all of us to meet and play darts or a game of pool. You’re lucky those girls didn’t pick you apart in there!!

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