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25 Dogs And Puppies Seized During Search Of Home

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(Memphis) Memphis police served warrants on two homes at the same time.

One home is in Bartlett on Angelace, and the other is in South Memphis on Walker.

“They have every end of the street blocked off they have the next street blocked off. I was trying to figure out what’s going on," one woman said.

Dozens of police swarmed Walker Street Tuesday afternoon, surrounding a home in the 400 block. An armed vehicle and the Blue Crush team were also on site.

At the same time, police raided another home on Angelace.

They say they had search warrants, but won’t say what they were looking for.

Reporter:"Are there any drugs inside?

Woman: “No.”

A woman at the Walker scene didn’t want to be identified, but said both homes belong to her family.

She believes Tuesday’s raid stems from an incident in December, when an officer claimed someone inside the Walker Street home fired a shot at him while he drove by.

"He said he saw someone from this house shooting at him,” she said. “They shut the house down never found anything in the house."

No one was ever charged.

At least one person was detained Tuesday.

“I think it’s like a revenge,” she said.

Authorities took 25 pit bull dogs and puppies found inside the home. They were placed in animal control vans that lined Walker Street.

“The mom just recently had puppies and our family loved dogs and there were a few in the backyard,” the woman said.

Tuesday evening, police cut wood to board up the house.

They say it will now be declared a public nuisance.

Neighbors tell WREG they are thankful and aren't surprised to see a raid here on this street.

"You see something every day,” C. Major said. “Keep praying and keep the faith.”


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