Tigers Season Ends vs. Virginia

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Raleigh, NC– Known for their defense, Virginia just put the clamps on the Tigers, holding the U of M to 41% shooting and 17 points below their season average, ending the Tigers season in the Round of 32 for a second straight season, 78-60.

The Tigers 4 senior guards, playing the final game of their college careers, combined to go just 9-of-28 from the floor for a total of just 26 points as the Cavaliers controlled the tempo, right from the opening tip.

The Tigers were led by true freshman Austin Nichols 15 points, but down 15 at the half, the U of M could never muster up any sort of challenge.

Virginia moves on to take on Michigan State in the East Region Semifinals.

The Tigers see their season come to a close at 24-10.


  • mike

    vols flying high and the poor tigers flop like a dead fish ! poor tiger fans i feel so sorry for you ! not !!! lol very very average team and always overrated !

  • dick wolf

    One day the Memphis fans will realize that the almighty Tigers are just another regional team. The only good team they actually beat this year was Louisville. Maybe the flashcards just didnt work last night lol.

  • Harry

    Four senior guards who will not be playing in the NBA. Because in the NBA, being quick and fast is good…However, you must be able to shoot well from the outside and Memphis does not have a guard with that ability unless the opponent is Tulane or LeMoyne Owen.

    The brick layers are done.

  • dick wolf

    Lets see they had a guard that was a MIZZOU reject and he becomes the AAC 6th man of the year. That should tell you how week the conf. is.

  • Memphian

    Memphis needs a coach.It’s the bottom line,Pastner is just way too soft.
    His pregame speech was very lame and weak. In the end better coach equals better players, which in turn totals a better team.

  • Sam Armstrong

    Lionel hollins would be the perfect coach for the tigers he still stays in Memphis an obviously likes the city .U of M needs to pay him like they were willing to pay calapari and maybe he’ll take the job

  • james hartman


  • Trista

    The people posting here make me sick. First it was he didn’t make the tournament, then he made the tournament, then it was he didn’t play anyone, then he played some good teams. Then it was he can’t get past the first round and then he did that. Then it was he never beat a top 25 and then he did that 5x this year. You people are cry babies who are never satisfied. There are hundreds of teams in the NCAA and out of those teams we were in the top 25 the whole season. Kentucky wasn’t, Tennessee couldn’t say that, etc… We have a coach that gets stronger every year and a program competing at an elite level despite the fact that our former coach attempted to cripple us. Go Tigers!!!!

  • TigreNoir

    I applaud Coach P for graduating his players. The seniors should be well prepared to function in the real world.The NBA can be taken away from you – an education is with you for life..

  • JW

    It’s gonna get ugly next year with 4 senior guards leaving. I see the storm approaching and there is nothing Tiger fans can do about it..

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