New System For Victims To Track Their Offenders

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(Memphis) Shelby County law enforcement and other agencies are spending two days training on a notification system that tracks violent criminals' every move.

Any time a violent offender is moved or released from jail, the victim has a right to know.

That is what officials say the program was designed for.

"When I get out I'm going to come visit you and hurt you and your family," Gary Cordell with the Tennessee Sheriff's Association described a too familiar situation.

The pain from a violent crime can come back all too easy.

Therefore, the Shelby County Sheriff's Office is making it simple to keep tabs on violent criminals.

The program is called Statewide Victim Information and Notification or SAVIN.

"It can actually save lives," Cordell said.

The county is having a two-day training with everyone from local law enforcement to legal and non-profit groups.

The system allows victims, and just about anyone else, to check on an inmate's custody status.

Once you register anonymously over the phone or online, you will receive a phone call, e-mail, or text anytime there is a change.

Organizers explained all the subscriber is required to do is punch in a four-digit code to confirm the alert was delivered.

If you are wondering how the service is funded, do not worry.

The inmates front the bill.

"When they're booked a 3 dollar charge is placed on that offender and that's what funds the program," Cordell explained.

The program offers victims peace of mind, and the training reminds officers to keep the bad guys at the top of their minds.

"No one else has to lose their life, or they don't have to live in fear if they take advantage of this," said Cordell

The program is no stranger to law enforcement.

It has been active in Shelby County for at least 8 years.

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    “No stranger to Law Enforcement,” just make sure we talk about it “now” that we are running for reelection. Are we buying this?

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