Man Robbed And Beaten While Waiting For Bus

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(Memphis) A South Memphis man is in jail, accused of attacking someone just waiting for the bus.

It happened in Whitehaven and Winchester and Millbranch.

Police say Demontrell Gilliam beat the man and took all of the bus rider's money.

He didn't get away with much.

“Rain, sleet, snow, you still got to take care of your business,” said bus rider Marlon Crutchfield.

No matter what it feels like outside, bus riders have to wait it out to get where they need to go but on top of bad weather, sometimes the wait can be dangerous.

“Do you ever feel in danger waiting for the bus?” asked Sabrina Hall.

“Sometimes,” said a bus rider, who didn’t want to be identified.

Police say a man was standing and waiting for the bus at 3:30 p.m. on Saturday when he was approached by a man demanding his money.

Police say it was Gilliam demanding the cash.

When the bus rider ignored him, police say Gilliam jumped on him, punching the man more than 15 times.

With the man down, police say Gilliam reached in the victim's pocket and pulled out all of his cash, which was only $5.

Police found the victim at Winchester and Millbranch.

Both of his eyes were swollen, and he had a cut to the side of his head.

He gave officers a description of Gilliam, whom police tracked down in the neighborhood.

Gilliam is now charged with robbery.

“There is just too much going on. It`s bad everywhere but especially when you are waiting at a bus stop,” said the anonymous bus rider. “You shouldn't have to wait at the bus stop and have bad things around you while you are waiting at the bus stop.”

“Everything in Memphis is dangerous so you got to put everything in the good Lord`s hands and take care of business and do what you got to do,” said Crutchfield.

Despite what happened, bus riders say rain, sleet, or snow, they’ll still be waiting on their ride.

Gilliam is being held on a $60,000 bond.


  • Husband, Father and a College Graduate

    A man beaten and robbed in Whitehaven, A store clerk In Hickory Hill robbed and shot, a woman attacked at an apt. complex in HIckory HIll and it’s not even the weekend. And they tell me crime is down. LIars

  • David Carter

    (Son Of Elvis) You know what a monkey and ape looks like without hair? Pale! Looks like your relative who recently died of cancer. You know who I am talking about.

  • Observant citizen

    Must chine in on this one. $60000 bond are you freaking kidding me? This thug attacked this man like a wild animal punching him more than 15 times and robbed him of his money. The victim didn’t know this thug and the attack wasn’t settling an old dispute. Why is the bond not 6 million. He would have done this to an old woman, man or child with the same lack of regard. Too bad the victim didn’t have the means to kill this thug dead!
    by the way wreg should pull this punks criminal history and post it. Would be real entertaining I’m sure!

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