Two Hurt In Crash At West I-40 At I-240

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(Memphis) The ramp to continue on I-40 west at I-240 is back open after being closed for several hours due to a crash.

An adult and a child were taken to area hospitals.

One car was blocking the ramp.

It’s not clear if there are injuries.

Saturday, TDOT took away a lane in that area.

Drivers aren’t forced to make a lane choice until they get right to where cones have been set up, which is causing cars to stop traffic and in some cases, cut across traffic from the beginning of the I-240 on ramp.

It’s not clear if TDOT will start the cones earlier to avoid this now that there has been a crash.

The right Sam Cooper lane will be closed for at least 18 months while the entire project is expected to take three years.


  • MikeBarret

    I’m afraid this will be an almost daily occurrence. I remember when they first built the flyover and there were bad wrecks there almost every day for months…

  • Brian

    This thing will be jacked up for well in excess of 18 months. Just look at the arguably much simpler job along 240 between Poplar and Walnut Grove that’s already a year behind.

    I was through there Saturday while they were installing the bollards for the Sam Cooper lane closure. That intersection isn’t a pretty sight.

  • For Real

    18 months = 5 Memphis years and even then they’ll just abandon the project when they run out of funds.

  • Jeremy

    It’s called job security. If they were pulling this for a company, it would be called “slacking”.

  • Sportzfanz

    What in the heck is up with the 45 mph??? You can get run over
    if you go that slow on I40 !!! Understandable if in the immediate
    area, but give me a break!

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