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Informed Sources: Budget Blues

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(Memphis) Is the city broke, or isn't it?

The City Council found money to buy a baseball park, to help with the Crosstown development, and more recently the Riverfront Development Corporation.

Now the Rock and Soul Museum says, "Why not us?"

Is the City Council capable of saying no?


  • Thomas H. Evans

    NO! They are not capable of saying no to one bad deal after the other (let’s not forget the Sears Building and the Chisca Hotel). They continue to go blindly into adventures that sound good but have nothing to back up any of their so called “we did it to create more jobs” excuse. This city is poorly managed, and until we get some new blood running things keeping those who put them in office in mind, do not expect any change any time soon.

  • Don

    Is Memphis Broke or not?
    Where has people been, Memphis has had no leadership for 20 years.
    It has been going down faster the last few years. You can look at Detroit now and see Memphis in a few short years. Detroit had the same problems Memphis has now.
    If the city comes back it will be the FBI will be called in to investigate what is going on in City Hall.

  • LaDarius

    New “stuff” is usually a good thing. However, in this case, we should fix problems in the community such as crime, corruption, blight and education first. How much of our tax money has gone to legal fees concerning these issues in the past few years? We are told that crime is down, school merger is for the best, etc., but where are the tangible results?

    Our current situation can be paralleled to a new car with a faulty motor, which wont run. Our government staff want to go out and buy new tires, new rims, and waste funds on special car wax for this bad vehicle. At the end of the day, they still have a broken car that won’t run. If the car did run, there is no capable person available to drive it! This is our city. This is Memphis – a car with a bad motor getting unneeded modifications. Those responsible should be held accountable, remember this during election time.

    In Frayser, it was reported that the community came together to bond and clean-up debris after our recent ice storm. They had a BBQ. This is commendable, and a “good thing” to get the area going in the right direction. I ask, how many of the local government leaders (such as mayor, commissioners, police/fire staff) were present in support?

    Also, it was reported that individual residences and businesses were responsible for maintaining sidewalks on property. Shortly thereafter, we hear of a “BLIGHT PATROL”. What will happen to this issue? With time, will focus go away, leaving Blight in the community with no completion of the stated goals?

    We see and hear reports of our city police chief arguing with staff, seen numerous cases of police officers arrested themselves for breaking the law, issues with our city/county school system merging together (only to disband after one short year), and accountability issues with inventories within our government. Will it ever get better?

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