Edith Ann Moore Suing Election Commission

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(Memphis) Former Shelby County Commission candidate Edith Ann Moore is suing the Election Commission for kicking her off the ballot.

We talked to Election Commission Chairman Robert Meyers who told us Moore filed the paperwork Friday.

Earlier this week, the Commission pulled the plug on her candidacy.

She filed to run in the new District Six, but neighbors say she doesn't live at the home that's in the district.

An investigator for the District Attorney's Office agreed, saying the neighbors are right that Moore doesn't live in that house.


  • Citizen of Memphis

    Even more reason not to vote for her. You are busted. Just go have a seat. At your real residence.

    • From Memphis, For Memphis

      Let’s set the record strait… Minister Moore DOES live in the house! It had a heating issue that had to be fixed so she stayed at her daughter’s house for part of the winter.That is not a crime!!! You don’t know her so don’t assume… If you don’t have the courage to ask for the answer shut-up! This woman has been fighting for and supporting her community for over 30yrs – She is who you should vote for.

  • MikeBarret

    I watched the report and was floored when one of Moore’s “neighbors” (who, unlike her, actually lives in the area) drove by and tried to call her out on her lies. She told him to “go home and mind your own business!”

    This is how she plans to represent constituents???

    If Moore does somehow return to the ballot, anyone who votes for her is a fool.

    • From Memphis, For Memphis

      You’re the fool if you believe this nonsense! Hecklers should shut up and go home! I understand her frustration… she has been under attack for months all because she wants to continue to serve her community! Her opponents are playing dirty; why attack a 60+yo grandmother with good intentions. If this is what “they” have to do to win “they” shouldn’t be in the race.

    • MikeBarret

      Well I looked at that map and it doesn’t even mention Tea Baggers, so I can’t figure how you came to your conclusion.

  • Jim

    It seems byt the past, this is the type Memphis votes in. Does anyone really wonder what is wrong with Memphis?

  • bellefolly

    I’m still wondering how the Election Commission allowed Martavius Jones on the ballot when his petition only had 24 valid signatures.

  • 1midtownmike

    An excellent example as to why what’s left of a tax base in Shelby County plan their exodus on a daily basis.

    It’s easier to rent a U-Haul into Memphis than it is out.

  • jim

    Well, the current mayor is 10 times the man herenton was, herenton is no doctor or nothing else, he happened to be a black man and the black voters voted for him. What a tragedy for memphis. memphis has to get over the race thing. if anyone knows, the city is still on 10 most dangerous cities in the USA! Until black people understand that they have no leaders in memphis, memphis will always have the reputation it has, and not good. One thing is that the killing seems to be black on black? that is a dah.

  • bata

    Are you serious? People have both frustration and disappointment.
    Regardless of what you think the change starts with you. If you start
    Creating ways to help bring in revenue to the city like lowering taxes and providing jobs and opportunity to people the crime would go down. People are trying to provide for their families and are educated enough to know how to get it. Memphis answer to everything is to raise taxes and close schools not provide jobs and opportunity to people.
    disappointed in the mayor yes disappointed in the school system yes disappointed in the city council hell yes

  • johnd

    What happens to the area where the schools are closed. What happens to the schools? We should look for ways to bring jobs well paying jobs to the city. We have the crime thing down we know how to provide the negative why can’t we get balance we have evil
    Let’s find good we have poverty let’s try prosperity. Ministers you have mega churches and mega money why can’t you help?
    City council if people are loosing their homes to foreclosure
    You are partial blame! You continue to raise property taxes
    that cause larger escrow that means mortgage notes are increased
    find other ways. If you want to cut down on crime look at what you are doing and rethink your position

    • Diane Hess

      Very well said!!
      So tired of the ones who complain but never want to do anything to improve the situation!!!

  • White Kracker

    I bet you monkeys still vote her into office. Why do I say that you ask? Cause your stupid like that. You voted that idiot back into Washington.

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