Shots Fired After Southwind High Talent Show

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(Shelby County) Shots were fired after a talent show at Southwind High School Friday evening.

The Shelby County Sheriff's Office says there was an altercation involving teenagers outside the school, although it is unknown at this time who fired the shots.

No one was hurt.

Deputies have several people, none of whom are believed to be the shooter, detained for questioning.

A group of students still inside the school heard the gunfire and ran to a friend's home.

The Memphis Fire Department was called out to help one of the students, who began to hyperventilate and was having difficulty breathing.


  • not sure

    The natives are restless. One of the reasons I left Memphis because going to school in Memphis is like being in Iraq. I prefer my kids go to schools that teach and not worry about them being shot at, raped, beaten up by gangs, ETC!!!!

    • Mph Pride

      So why are you commenting if you don’t live in the city? Oh I guess when you live in a trailor you can easy say you live any where you want.

  • S. Stevenson

    They should delete all you guys comments. Someone shooting isn’t a joking matter. By the way Southwind is in the county, not the city. That school isnt on the news everyday for gang violence and shootings. Its a good school. If you have nothing good to say,you should stay silent. Because silence is a Virture!!!!

  • mr.matt

    you are right s stevenson, they aint on the news everyday but do you not remember the the shooting during the gang war basketball game with kirby? how bout earlier this school year when southwind had to alter homecoming plans because of the constant fights? it might be worse situation in a way because these kids come from families that have a little extra money so they are the rich hood and dont know how to act about it. sadly, its only a matter of time before this whole county is infested. we are using our freedom of speech and there is nothing nice to say except that the violence is not has bad when you cross over riverdale heading east….but give it time

  • gypsy lee

    our city will never improve until we have some leaders with some ideas on how to get a handle on crime, quit coddling these kids and show some tough love.

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