Marshall County Neighbors Detain Suspects After Elderly Man Is Robbed

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(Marshall County, MS) Marshall County neighbors took a stand against crime after an elderly man is robbed in broad daylight Monday.

Robbers committed their crime on a dead-end road, and when they tried to flee, one good neighbor used some powerful persuasion to force them to stop.

The first thing you see when you turn onto Ponderosa Drive in Marshall County is a sign that reads "Dead End."

"When you go down so far, you just have to make a circle and come back," said Joy Beesinger.

She's lived on Ponderosa Drive for more than 15 years.

Beesinger said robbers must have driven past the Dead End sign Monday when they used their car to force an elderly man, who lives on Ponderosa, to pull his car to stop in the middle of the road.

The man was returning from the store when another man reached into the victim's car and got his wallet.

Beesinger thinks maybe the robbers saw the man in a nearby store.

"Apparently they had seen him with money in his wallet and thought, 'ok, he's an old man, this will be easy.' Well, he picked the wrong neighborhood," said Beesinger.

After the 20-year-old suspect grabbed the victim's wallet, he and his female accomplice sped down the dead-end road.

But they quickly turned around and headed back to what they thought was freedom.

Rick Thomas, who moments earlier heard all the commotion right outside his house, had different plans for the pair.

While neighbors blocked the road with the victim's car, Thomas, a mountain of a man, picked up his 30-06 deer rifle and stood his ground.

"And as he was coming back, I was out there and stopped him right out there in front of the driveway," said Thomas.

To no one's surprise, the driver did stop.

And while Thomas kept his deer rifle on them, another neighbor grabbed some zip-ties and bound the suspect's hands until deputies could arrive.

The good news is the victim wasn't hurt and got his wallet back.

It turns out the suspect had already been in trouble with the law.

"He had an ankle bracelet on, yea. Hadn't been out, from the way I understood from the deputies, he hadn't been out of jail very long at all," said Thomas.

Thomas said he doesn't consider himself a hero, just someone willing to stand up for his neighbors and stand up against criminals.

"I don't just seemed like the right thing to do," said Thomas.

Marshall County investigators charged Antonio Dowdy and Jessica Holbert from Lamar, Miss., with robbery.


  • Michelle R.

    Mr. Thomas, You certainly ARE a hero and I’d love to live in a neighborhood with caring people like you!!! :)

    • Tony

      If you live in Mississippi then you probably do, Lisa. You’d be surprised how many people carry firearms for self defense and personal protection.

  • Tiffany B.

    About time someone stands up to these criminals. My parents vehicles were broken into in our driveway in holly springs late at night. Marshall County is slowly turning into Memphis.

    • Tony

      People stand up to crime just like this situation every single day in America. You rarely read about it in the news because it doesn’t fit the agenda that guns are bad.

      • MissTee

        “The agenda that guns are bad”. Yeah, stupidest statement I’ve read all day. There is no “agenda”. So-called “responsible” gun owners cause death every single day. It’s always an ” accident”, and nobody is ever charged. Most people are sick of it. If you are still willing to say that after you or some “law abiding” neighbor kills your kid, then you may have a point.

        I’m really glad this guy was there and was able to help without anyone getting hurt. I know it happens from time to time. It’s always a good thing when people are not hurt at the end of a story like this. But your assertion that there is some secret “agenda” regarding guns is just preposterous. Guns kill. Their sole purpose is to kill. If they did not kill, they would be absolutely useless. The gun manufacturer lobby is obviously winning this fight. The only agenda is that of the NRA, who want us to believe that the slaughter of a classroom of first graders is an acceptable thing. Judging from how popular assault rifles are, the NRA is winning.

      • Tony

        Thank you missttee. You made my point with your rant. You throw out assertions to further the agenda (it’s not secret). Guns kill = guns are bad. You make the statements about the NRA, the gun lobby, assault rifles… Inanimate objects such as guns, knives, baseball bats, rocks, etc. don’t kill people. People kill people. This man used a gun to stop a criminal. It happens many times in this country and that’s a good thing.

  • bambam84

    Love it, but if the suspect had an ankle bracelet on, shouldn’t that have triggered something, and, I don’t know, maybe alerted the authorities at some point?

  • mr.matt

    hey mr. t!! i pity the fool that is dumb as you. the sole purpose of a gun is not to kill, the sole purpose of a gun is to PROTECT

  • Edward

    This is a great story about legally armed citizens protecting those weaker than them. Had these two gotten away the elderly gentleman would probably have never seen his money or wallet again, and the police would still have an open case on the matter, at least if they are anything like the police in my area :P

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