Zoning Letter Confuses Parents In Bartlett

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(Bartlett) Cheri Dean couldn't make heads nor tails out of a letter she received from Bartlett City Schools.

It told her she was zoned for Bartlett High School and needed to register her kids there.

“I read it and threw it away, it was so confusing,” said Dean.

Dean's kids attend Bolton High right now, and they want to stay there. She and other parents say this letter from Bartlett's superintendent made them feel like they couldn't.

“It sounds like they were trying to scare me to think I was at the wrong school,” said Dean.

“What you're seeing is just the seeds of competition. I'm not surprised by these things,” said SCS Superintendent Dorsey Hopson.

Hopson said you're seeing a tug of war over students.

Bolton will remain a Shelby County School, while Bartlett is in the new Bartlett district.

They both have lots of empty space, and both districts are trying to convince parents to choose their school.

“I want to be crystal clear, you attend Bolton and you want to continue at Bolton, you're a Shelby County student, we want you here” said Hopson.

Not so fast, says Bartlett Superintendent David Stephens.

He insists the letter wasn't to mislead anyone, but tell those parents they are zoned for his school and he needs to know their intention.

“I need to know if they're going to the school they're zoned to or if they're going to go to Bolton,” said Stephens.

Students at Arlington got a similar letter, and they too are welcome at both schools.

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