Man Killed In Motorcycle Crash

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(Memphis) A man was killed in a crash involving a motorcycle early Thursday evening.

One other person was sent to the MED.

Another vehicle was also involved in the crash.

The wreck happened on Austin Peay, near Covington Pike.

Both police and fire crews are on the scene.


  • Memphis

    I guy flew pass me on I-40east lastnight. I didn’t even see’em until i swithced lanes & almost hit’em…#SLOW IT DOWN

  • Witness

    It was a man killed, not a woman. People, we can’t stop people from driving like idiots, but we can drive defensively and prevent them from hurting themselves. Always check your blind spots and look twice for motorcycles. I hope the woman will be OK.

  • sweetdrea36

    Yes it was man killed. The woman was taken to hospital
    The bike was going really fast. It past me and the next thing I saw was debris flying every where. I pray the woman be ok.

  • Toni

    First of all my brother was not an idiot and the accident was not his fault from the report. My brother is an Army Veteran who became a teacher and was putting himself through medical school. Which by the way he was coming home from when this occurred. I am really trying to be respectful while typing this and I would ask that you do the same. Know your information before you post! RIP my little brother

    • mek

      Praying for your family.. I went to high school with your brother…very sad!! RIP T..

      Ignore all the negative comments because they seem to post plenty on here..

    • L. E.

      Toni, my heart is truly heavy for you and your family. Your brother worked SOOO HARD and he was one of my study buddies. He would be up before 3am studying where some of us couldnt get up until at least 6am. He was dedicated. He was the life of our group! He was such a good person and always concerned. We loved him. GOD BLESS YOU, I am praying for your strength.

    • chemekia

      I pray the Lord is constantly with you and your family during this tragic time. He was a loving person, and dear to many.

    • kali

      My prayers go out to the Family’s . I passed the wreckage comming from Walmart and it was bad, I saw a person laying on the ground and they were working on them, Then a little ways down I saw a white sheet over a body on the side of the street and tears filled my eyes and I said a prayer tight then.

    • lisadesigner1

      I am one of your brother’s med school classmates, and he was one of the kindest and most genuine people I have met in school. His smile warmed the room and eased my test anxiety. He was a gift to this world just from the brief moment he touched my life. I pray for his family and am so sorry for your loss.

    • Krishaun

      Glad you were able to catch that. A lot of people get motorcycles riders the wrong image and I totallyappreciate how you feel because so many people dip into statements that doesn’t have any reverence to the true matter at hand. Officers also stated the driver of the automobile was intoxicated at time of impact.

    • Shirley Pendleton

      Hi…I knew your brother very well. Had the pleasure of serving with him for many years in the military. He was also on the Usher Ministry with me at
      Church. He was a very kind hearted person who will always be remembered by his smile. My prayers are with his children and the rest of
      his family.

  • Rory Eason

    Rice burners on fast sports bike making every motorcyclist look bad.Its why MC insurance is so high.Fools.

  • Toni

    more than one motorcycle crash in Memphis today. My brother lost his life on Austin Peay and Covington Pkwy right by the Wal-Mart

  • woo

    The motorcycle was traveling behind me and the car that struck it ran into the traffic after I passed. Next thing u hear is a big boom and pieces of the motorcycle crumble. #prayersup

  • Thomas H. Evans

    Bikers need to slow down and stop weaving in and out of traffic like the guy I saw on Covington Pike last night. Believe me we have people driving cars who are just as bad at cutting you off, using no turn signal (do they even know what that is). As some one mentioned, you must drive for more than just yourself, be mindful of your surroundings at all times, Bicycles included.

  • John John

    There are far to many people riding motorcycles in this area that have never been to a MSF class or worse, they don’t have a license to operate. Take the course and get a license and quit making my insurance go up.

  • Steve Conn

    I believe some comments are referring to the serious accident at approx. 8:30 pm on American Way in front of the Studio 6 Motel. I was there and the male rider was very seriously injured….possibly fatal.

  • Mrs. Bland

    My two boys and I passed by the accident coming from Wal-mart. We started praying for whoever was involved. Please…. If you can’t say anything nice, keep your negative opinion to yourself. Let us please have respect for the young lady. What if it were your loved ones?

    • Toni

      How can we get in touch with you? He was my brother and we would like to go see your sister if that’s ok. We would also like to meet you and your family to try and make sense of this. Toni

  • Praying for you all

    Saw the scene immediately after and it was very heartbreaking! So very sorry to the family who is dealing with the loss of their loved one! It is a sad day for those of you that post such judging comments. Even if you saw him speeding think about the family who is reading your post!! Do you have a heart? Or is this just a way to get some anger put bc you had such a messed up day. Grow up and think about what’s going on in your family, most importantly what’s is wrong with you. I pray the woman is ok and I’m sure she will have a very heavy amount of guilt to carry around. It can’t be easy coming to realize you’ve killed someone so she doesn’t need negative feedback either. Praying for you guys🙏❤️

    • God is a Healer

      Please be mindful of what you say especially when you don’t know the whole story and saying someone will feel guilty for killing someone else…..I worked on the woman and she was on the back of the motorcycle and was thrown 150 feet in the air before she landed so the only emotions she is dealing with right now is her friend died

  • Tommy

    I don’t think anyone intended for their comments to be negative. Everyone prays for the family. We also need to be mindful of two things: 1) Don’t drive recklessly, drive safely 2) Drive defensively and look out for other people. We’re all devastated by what happened and we can all take actions to prevent this from happening to another family. God Bless.

  • Mike

    I have never seen a motorcyclist texting while driving or having junk or garbage flying off their vehicle like some of the drivers who ride around 240 with uncovered loads of yard trash or junk. In the past year I have seen a mattress, a swing set, and an industrial size spool of steel wire fly off trucks and land in the middle of 240’s lanes. I see far more cars flying down the interstate recklessly than motorcycles and weighing ten times more they are capable of doing much more damage. Bikes and scooters are going to be more prevalent as fuel costs rise. Unfortunately with the population of this city and the surrounding areas continuing to grow much faster than road improvements to handle the volume occur it is probably naive to expect anything but more accidents.
    The best thing I can do is to keep cool and just let off the gas and let the reckless driver pull away instead of taking the bait and joining in the anarchy. God Bless the young man who passed away last night as well as his family.

  • A

    The person that “T” hit was not at fault in the least. The police report filed is public record. I’m a veteran too but I don’t use that in any way shape or form to justify going between 100-150 mph on a motorcycle. I’m very regretful for your loss, however, there are consequences to bad choices made. Riding at such speeds on Austin peay hwy is a bad choice. Your brother didnt deserve to die but just like signing his life over to serve in the military he signed the right of life away dodging through traffic with such recklessness.

  • A

    I’m praying for the family who lost their son, brother, ect. The family of the woman on the back and her condition, as well as the person the motorcycle crashed into I can only imagine it being devastating to see happen and have no control over helping the young couple.

  • AGS

    I taught with the driver of the motorcycle and he is a very dear friend of mine. I’m praying for his family, children, and for the young lady with him. This is such a shock, he was a wonderful guy and will be missed.

  • Eliizabeth

    I was going through the program at UT with your brother as well. The thing that made him stand out to me was that he was always smiling and always had a kind word to say to me. He was such a positive person and seemed so happy to be there. I think whenever I spoke with him I left feeling uplifted. It was devastating for us to hear in class this afternoon what happened. He has been on my mind ever since. Your all in our thoughts and prayers. Please let us know if there is anything we can do. It won’t be the same without him and he’s missed very much.

  • lynette

    Praying for your family…I did get a chance to meet this young man and yes he was a very sweet and respectful man…I’m very happy that I had the chance to meet him on his earthly journey… Your family will be in my prayers as you all go through this time of grief

  • Joey Holley

    This whole ordeal brings GREAT SORROW to my heart and I gather to the hearts of many. I knew this young man from the day he came into this world. He lived down the street from me and I watched him grow up and move on as many of us do. I am very sad to hear of what has happened to him, the injured young lady and all involved. May God give his peace and understanding in this matter, he knows today from tomorrow and where each of us will be. Let the caring voices aid the injured heats and healing have room to take its part in all of our lives.

    • Lisa Jones

      Joey there was two accidents that night . Terry was not the one with the lady on the back of the bike… That was the one on austin peay his accidents happen on American Way

  • Tina

    This wonderful man who lost his life too early was a true friend, a brother, a father, a man of God, and I could go on. He was so positive and always spoke positive words of encouragement when I was negative. He always asked about people who didn’t ask about him. He was humble, happy, spiritual, family oriented, EDUCATED, funny, joking, caring, STRONG BLACK BROTHER. He has experienced, so much in his life and he adapted and adjusted because he had faith in God. He may have been operating the vehicle at a high speed, but no one was there to know or understand what exactly happened. So, for those of you who have something negative to say about this, you can SHUT IT!!! Keep it to yourself and learn from this. If you have family members who operate a motorcycle talk them and have them attend a defensive drivers course every year to be aware of how they are operating their motorcycle. Reiterate safety AT ALL TIMES!!  Also, tell people how you really feel about them, so you don’t feel guilt when they are gone.

  • Linda

    Hi Toni, this is Linda from Autec, I’m so sorry to hear about your brother. I use to live in Memphis and I know that area well. My prayers are with you and your family and I’m praying that God will comfort and strengthen you in your time of need. I know you loved him but God loved him more and has called him home to be with him and to look after you all.. Psalms 121:1,I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help… Be at peace my sistah, and may God Bless you and your family.

  • Lakeitha

    Late and all this was my Algebra teacher last year at Southwind High School . He was my 5th period teacher which means I saw him daily . He was the kindest most helpful man I have ever met . In fact this is the man who helped me receive ADVANCED on my EOC . This is the man who told me “Lakeitha your very smart and have all the potential in the world to do good in life and you will if you loose your smart mouth”. I can’t stress it enough how amazing of a man he was. May God bless his family and kids ,and Southwind students all talked about you at school .

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