Man Arrested For Waking Up Ex With Gun In Her Face

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(Memphis) Before this year, Marc Newsom had never been in trouble in Shelby County, but according to court records a couple of romantic break ups sparked spiraling break downs.

Newsom's latest arrest comes after his ex-girlfriend says she woke up to Newsom standing over her with a gun to her head.

“That's very upsetting because I know how that violates every minute of your day,” said neighbor Cindy Smith.

The ex-girlfriend told police she believes Newsom made a copy of her house key when they were still together.

She thinks he used that key to get inside her home on Hayne when she was home alone earlier this month.

The ex-girlfriend says she had to fight Newsom off her, but eventually talked him out of leaving her home.

“To know that he got in on her like that it scares us all. That anyone can get in and get on top of you like that,” said Smith.

Neighbor Cindy Smith doesn’t know Newsom, but she does know the victim.

Even though it's not a typical run-of-the-mill break-in, the neighbor says it’s still scary, “What is wrong with this young man that he felt the need to control her that way."

News Channel 3 found another police report from a couple of months back.

That report shows Newsom is a war veteran who suffers from PTSD.

Earlier this year he was accused of violating a restraining order filed against him by the ex-girlfriend.

He's also accused of threatening to kill his ex-wife.

For now, it looks like Newsom will be busy in court; he’s charged with aggravated assault and aggravated burglary.


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    seriously, do people just refuse to judge people on thier past? wake up women, these guys dont just magically go from insane to the man of your dreams

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    It’s not just the black people…white people got it bad too. Just shut Memphis down like unpaid utilities.

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