Tennessee Voter Fraud Conviction

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(Bolivar, TN) Former Bolivar City Council member Brenda Woods has been convicted of three counts of procuring illegal voters in the city’s 2009 municipal elections.

Three people testified, two of whom are related to Woods, that they had felony convictions on their records in May of 2009 when voted.

At the time, Woods was running for mayor and for city council.

Woods lost the mayor’s race, but won the council seat.

The witnesses, who were granted immunity,  said Woods took them to the polls at separate times to vote for her even though she knew they were felons.

The witnesses said Woods, "assured them they could still vote."

A Tennessee Bureau of Investigation investigation showed the three voters had cast their ballots illegally because since their voting rights had not been restored.

Changes have reportedly been made to make sure those not allowed to vote are not able to cast ballots since this happened.

Woods faces up to two years in prison or probation on each count when she is sentenced on April 11.

Shelby County assistant district attorneys Kirby May and Marques Young were appointed as special prosecutors.

Woods was convicted on the charges in 2010, but was awarded a new trial on appeal two years later.

"I love that they're doing this. I want to go to trial. This is wonderful. I'm going to beat them again," Woods told WBBJ-TV in May of 2013.

According to the D.A., "In 2011 Woods pleaded guilty to three counts of theft of property under $500 for shoplifting incidents in several stores in Shelby County.

She was given suspended sentences of 11 months and 29 days.

Woods also has a shoplifting case and a criminal simulation case pending in Madison County."


  • NoMore

    This conviction has nothing to do with voter ID; rather it is fraud via inducement of and later voting by felons. They did not claim to be someone who they were not; they simply didn’t have their voting privileges restored. In a small town like Bolivar, TN, you ought to know everyone just about knows your personal bus. ,

    • thehood

      After doing her time or probation, she will run again and you can bet the voters will be stupid enough to reelect her.

      • SFC

        Luckily for our community with a felony on her record, she cannot hold any city position. However, if they would lock her up for ALL of the theft charges she has AND the voter fraud, we wouldn’t have to worry about her. She is a danger to society and clearly thinks she is above the law.

  • Aunt sue

    If they just convicted her on all her many shop lifting cases, we wouldn’t be having this conversation! If it is under 500 most places don’t pursue it!

    • Rev Fienx

      Not correct Aunt Sue. Theft under $500 is not a felony so even though she WAS convicted, as this story clearly stated, she does not lose her right to vote.

  • John Snow

    As I read the story I had to re-read where it said what city she was living in. I could have sworn it was from Memphis. Isn’t she Janis Fullilove’s sister?

  • jamal jenkum

    Thats ok. Since black voters got to vote twice in the last election, we can deny them a vote for the next one. There has to be a penalty for cheating though.

    A fair penalty would be to ban blacks from voting in the next 25 elections as punishment for cheating in the next one.

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