Hundreds Of Gallons Of Sewage Spill Onto Streets In Memphis Neighborhood

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(Memphis) Hundreds of gallons of sewage are pouring onto the streets of a northeast Memphis neighborhood.

The Shelby County Health Department said it's been monitoring the mess since Friday, and issued a citation Wednesday.

The leak started on Weiner Road, and has been flowing down the neighborhood on Lawrence.

"This is ridiculous!" said Wendy Zuniga.

Next door to her home, sewage covers the front yard.

Wendy said the leak started six weeks ago, and since then, she and other neighbors have contacted the Shelby County Health Department numerous times, but nothing was done.

"My neighbors, as well as I, are fed up. The kids can't come outside and play like they want, because they have the danger of this affecting them," said Zuniga.

The Shelby County Environmental Health Services said it looked at the leak Friday, March 14, and asked the owner to fix it.

In a statement, the county said "a re-inspection was performed yesterday (March 18), but no work had been initiated. We have prepared a court citation, and the Environmentalist is delivering the court citation and court summons today."

The county said it's up to MLGW to turn off the water until the leak is fixed, but the utility company told WREG it can't turn it off until it gets a court order or the property owner makes a request.

WREG contacted the property owner, Albeca Investment Inc., but have yet to hear back.

In the meantime, the waste pours out every time the renters flush their toilets or turn on their showers or sinks. Zuniga wants to know what it will take to get it fixed.

"Nobody should be forced to live like this," she said.

The property owner is due in court March 24.


  • Wendy Foster

    Yea its sad when you have to go to this extreme to have the mess fixed dhe should have fixed it when first told by me on febuary the 26th it had already been broke that I noticed the 21st of febuary

  • Don

    The property owner is due in court March 24.

    Well, What happened? today is March 30 Jessica Gertler. Are you going follow this up?

  • wendy

    Ohh she will be in court tommorow again with us hopefully tommorow they condem it. She the property mabagement has neglected several issues the Judge made clear to her soo I move for it to be condemed a company such as theirs dosent deserve to have homes to offer the community for living during viewing other properties they own I found several code and unhealthy situtations people live in or have been forced to live in because of thier nationality or they just dont have the means to get out.

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