Does It Work: Perfect Bacon Bowl

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(WREG) Bacon lovers are always looking for ways to get more pork in their lives, and there's a product that promises to transform how you serve the breakfast favorite.

We put the Perfect Bacon Bowl to the Does It Work test.

So how realistic are edible bowls made out of bacon? Can the perfect bacon bowl truly transform how you serve up breakfast?

Bob & Lanelle Ferguson love retirement and its relaxed mornings instead of busy schedules. They cook breakfast most mornings, so when they saw the Perfect Bacon Bowl advertised on TV, they had to try it.

"We never tried anything like that. Especially in the oven or microwave. We've tried other things but we like to experiment with cooking."

The Perfect Bacon Bowl comes with two bowls and instructions.

"We try to cook with less fat and less salt, so turkey is what we really like."

Turkey bacon bowl it is! We used three strips of bacon for each bowl, cutting the first piece in half and draping both halves over the mound like an X. Then we wrapped the second piece of bacon around one side and the last piece around the other side.

We cooked one bowl in the oven and the other in the microwave.

The bacon bowl in the microwave didn't take long at all - just two minutes and 30 seconds.

"It's a bacon bowl! It looks good! its a bowl! It's crispy and the extra grease is right there in the bowl!"

As for the bowl we cooked in the oven, it took a while - 35 minutes!

"I don't think I have a preference yet. I mean it works, it just takes longer."

Perfect Bacon Bowl, you passed the Does It Work test!

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